Saturday, April 2, 2016

White Nationalism is a Cult

Every few years I have reminded people that I am not a White Nationalist. White Nationalism is primarily an American concept that lacks any roots or identity. It is basically just bitching about blacks and Jews. There is no plan or other purpose. (I should note, that the one exception is Harold Covington's Northwest Front.  They actually have a real plan.)

Below is a vid I made three years ago about the topic:

I found the Alt Right movement to be exciting in that it provides White people with a possibility of identity without the Hollywood Nazism baggage. But once the Alt Right grew in popularity I knew that the ADL would have to move fast to tie it to Nazism. Most normal White people are ready for identity politics. But they are not willing to LARP the Third Reich and demand that we gas the kikes.

Milo wrote an interesting article about the Alt Right and he quoted some of my Tweets. For the record, no Breitbart reporter interviewed me.

The Daily Stormer quickly moved to associate Nazisms with the Alt Right. Previously, they were opposed the the "Alt Kike." But once they saw it gain popularity they knew they had to co-opt the movement.

For various reasons, I am suspicious of the Daily Stormer being genuine. It is my opinion that it is funded via the ADL. The goal being to associate over the top Hollywood Nazism with whatever they find objectionable (Trump, Alt Right, etc).

My guess is that they will be successful in hijacking the Alt Right to be nothing more than a new name for Hollywood Nazism. The ADL has a lot more funding to hire writers than I do to counter it.

So basically I am attempting to remove myself from the drama. I was always just a guy with a camera that did videos. It was never my goal to be a movement leader. But, somehow, I ended up as one of the leaders of the Alt Right movement.

I have not changed my beliefs. I still believe in nationalism and self-determination for all people. And I hope that we can one day have a homeland. And I will continue to make videos and conduct speeches if people still want to hear me. But I don't have the resources to prevent the Alt Right from being hijacked and going into the Hollywood Nazi dead end.


  1. Bingo! An example of "the Protocols" in "real time".

  2. I don't doubt that it'll be co-opted, but not in the way you suggest. I think it's more likely that "alt-right lite" will go mainstream the way the left did in the 60's-70's.

    You can't doubt that much of the Western left at least started with good intentions. There was something fucking insane about the Western world just lurching onwards with its historical inertia, praying to a god it stopped believing in, pretending like it didn't need to seriously self-reflect after the collective mass suicide attempt of the previous decades. But after all the revolutionary sound and fury ended, and as the left worked its way into the machinery of the American empire, so its ideals were perverted. Striving for meaning and humanity became mass immigration, consumerist deculturation, and crusading globalist liberation theology. Similarly I think will happen to us, some years after the inevitable "happening": anti-Muslim and pro-Native will become heavy-handed assimilationism, where "others" are forced to become "us" without a place in the dialectic for asking why they're here in the first place. Wars in the sandlands once fought for liberty will be fought because "damn it, you Mudslimes deserve no better". And when I read prominent people in the alt-right talking about censorship and book-burning like it's a good thing... it's basically replacing Soviet Russia with Putinist Russia. Having an opinion of your own will have you labelled a fifth column. Tl;dr same shit, different colour palette.

    I've always been skeptical of politics. What really matters is a change in consciousness among the people. In a way politics can be a hindrance to that, in that it makes people abstract their sense of agency away from themselves.

    You're right about pan-Whitism. It's idiotic to think you need to destroy European culture to save it. I like the Chinatown analogy. Hongkies, Chinese "Mainlanders" and Taiwanese don't particularly like each other, but they all live and work together in the Chinatown. If they can't do business with/marry/etc one of their in-group, they do it with a different breed of Chinaman; failing that, with one of the Koreans, Japanese or Vietnamese, who all share the Chinatown geocultural umbrella. After all, on the Western front they're all just slanty-eyed Confucianists. Maybe counterintuitively, the broader "Azn" identity of the Chinatown actually reinforces ethnic identity, while the suburban Azns inevitably assimilate some dorky White IT guy and have mental hapa kids.

    If Babylon wins and the revolution ends up on a T-shirt, we always have the Chinatown model. After all, long-term, he who has more babies wins.

  3. Ramzpaul: are you unable to read it when I tell you that your hero Tubby Tubbington is the preeminent example of a Hollywood Nazi in the United States today? He was Frank Collin's right-hand man in the late 70s. He founded Hollywood Nazi groups of his own. I've posted that information a few times but you seem to have a mental block toward it.

    Are deliberately trying to look like an idiot?

  4. Hi, RamzPaul. I would like to see you continue to do your videos on YouTube and your tweets on Twitter. I especially would like you to continue to talk about nationalism as it relates to our people, white people. A homeland of our own is the only way we will be able to survive into the future and create a culture, political system, economic system, etc. that meets the needs of our people in our OWN homeland without any interference from the anti-whites, including trolls from the non-governmental organizations.