Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Five Ways You Can Combat Anti-Semitism

Cathy Young. a Russian born American Jew, wrote a hate filled, rambling screed against Ann Coulter. Cathy thinks it is fine for her people to have a nation and identity, but it is very wicked for White people to want the same. And if you should disagree with her, she will call you an ANTI-SEMITE!

Cathy, if you are reading this, please let go of your irrational hate of the goyim. You help to perpetuate Anti-semitism with your hateful positions.

Vox Day did a good review of her hateful position.


  1. So let it be written. SO LET IT BE DONE.

  2. So let it be written. SO LET IT BE DONE.

  3. There is actually a method to detox and deprogram people from Judaism. Brother Nathanael Kapner a Jew convert to Christianity could tell you more. Check him out @

  4. Articles on the website The Occidental Observer reveal the astonishing reality that "anti-Semitism" is opposition to Jewish racism. The website is run by scholars and their articles go into great depth on Jewish tribalism, ethnic nepotism and historic hostility to Europeans, meaning racism, including examples from history. It's fascinating, particularly when you realize their insane screaming of "anti-Semitism" and racism at others is a cover for their own racism and hostility. This isn't unique for them. Pointing to others and accusing others of what they are actually doing was done while they pushed the world into WW II, building up hatred with their ownership of the media they used lies and hatred to push the world into war, which is exactly what they accused the "NAZIS" (a word full of hate to justify murdering Germans and popularized by Jews)of.

    Jews have said anti-Semitism has been rising over the last decade and I believe they're right. The hatred they have for non-Jews, particularly Europeans has been exposed to many people, but these people are still a minority, compared to the majority that are still completely unaware of Jews historic hostility to others and their complete domination of some fields and some countries. But, the internet has done a lot to expose them.