Monday, May 2, 2016

Hillary Plays The Woman's Card

Trump has called out Hillary for playing the "Woman's Card". And he is correct. If Hillary did not have a vagina she would not be the Democratic nominee. She gained power through spreading her legs for another powerful man (Bill Clinton). That is it. She has never accomplished anything on her own. Never ran a business. Never served in the military. Nothing. She was just fucked by Bill so that somehow means she is qualified.

Predictably, Hillary pulled out the "Woman's Card" and started to play the victim. Those mean and powerful men are preventing women from making as much money! No matter that the REASON women make less than men is because they WORK less then men. No, that is too complicated to understand. Much easier to play the victim based on lies.


  1. In a previous video ("Trump's problem with women") you said that women shouldn't vote. Isn't it contradictory ? Could a woman be successful while not having the same rights ?

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  3. Ramz, good points but trying to get people to stop blaming the "Jews" who're behind everything shitty and destructive to our people isn't wise. While personal responsibility is indeed something whites must own, to try and smoke screen the Jew as if they didn't push porno everywhere and have a lock on stoping this filth from being banned, is quite frankly, shilling for them.

    Yes, we must ultimately take responsibility for our personal choices but that's no excuse to let the Jew rule over us and poison our people and the whole planet with self destructive crap designed to destroy all of us and give them total power.

    Keep running cover for them isn't going to gain you any new followers. In the end, when we win,it will mark you as having been a shill for them. So I suggest, if you'd be kind enough to consider, that if you're against people blaming the Jew who controls practically all of America, Europe, the UK Colonies/ the West, as they are actively destroying us, then maybe you should consider remaining silent on the issue.

    Just a thought.

  4. Well done, RamZ Paul! You just pissed off my daughter.