Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Milo and political violence

Brietbart's reporter, Milo Yiannopoulos, speech was cut short at DePaul University after Black Lives Matter (BLM) attacked the stage. BLM is a domestic terrorist organization, funded by George Soros, that shuts down speech that they find objectionable through the use of violence.

Milo is a proxy to all Americans who value Free Speech. We no longer have Free Speech if the government tolerates terrorists threatening Americans. In the case of BLM, the establishment tacitly supports BLM's use of violence to shut down speech.


  1. It's a dog and pony show. BLM and Yiannopoulos are both funded by the tribe so you can forget about it Ramz and you are about to become irrelevant. Sorry for that, it's not funny any more. You can mock "1488, gas the bikes" (sell it as a ringtone) all you like but Milo turns the stomach, he is privy to inside funding and information and the tribe will lavish on him the sort of attention denied a Kevin MacDonald or David Duke. Both of these men are getting through to the demographic that matters.

    Forget it, Milo pretends to debate a Jewish feminist but it's the type of set-up that only a low IQ community college student will watch. BTW, Breitbart's website is slow and laden with so many ads that it's next to impossible to watch. What serious white nationalist site has that problem? White nations are at death's door, choose wisely.

  2. I love Milo, he is so reasonable and intelligent. He is an asset for the right. It's not the first time that this happens to him. Watch his other speeches at campuses. But BLM and leftists don't realize that this kind of actions benefit our cause; they are giving us the moral superiority and the reason. There is no reason to act violently because people will realize who is who. They are putting themselves at the stake.

    As you say, we have to be patient because our time is going to come. I believe it's going to come here in Europe also, sooner than expected. Politicians and leftists are creating too much strain, letting the hordes of rapefugees in, the Islamism and the cultural marxism. Look at what has happened in Austria; the far right almost won the elections. And maybe the elections were rigged, I thing FPÖ are going to sue.

    Maybe this will end in a European civil war: conservative patriots against the domestic and the foreign enemies: leftists and inmigrants.

    1. You love Milo because "he is so reasonable and intelligent". You do know that Milo loves black cock, don't you? In the face of a threat, which he sat there like a frightened rabbit and asked why the security which he paid for didn't come to his rescue. He also told the audience: "
      “I worked out why there are so many black girls here. I think it’s because I f***ed their brothers,”

      “Imagine going home to your parents and having to explain that you were in prison for protesting a faggot,” he later quipped. “Well mom, there was this gay man who just had the wrong opinions.

      Milo makes no mention and will make no mention of the fact that Jews are in the process of using open borders to destroy Europe, America and all white nations. He minces on about feminism but makes no mention that it's just one of the plagues his own tribe brought into being. Forget about Milo, like the pathetic Ben Shapiro, he is finished. The white race will not be saved by wealthy Jewish manlets and mincing Jewish homosexual mudsharks. White nations are at death's door, choose wisely.

    2. I cannot agree. Although you are right in that we should treat him with caution - I believe overall Milo is more of a plus than a minus to us.
      He is not pretending to push any cause other than that of free speech, and that the following gives him access to platforms denied to others:
      He is flamboyantly gay (can't be homophobic)
      He simply adores black cock (can't be racist)
      He is part Jewish (can't be anti-Semitic)

      On that last point, I heard him able to say it was obvious Jews controlled nearly all MSM outlets, Hollywood, the Central banking system and high positions of political judicial power - and that we should be free to state the obvious.
      At this point in the struggle for survival I am prepared to take whatever I can get.

    3. I don't care what he does with his private life or who he fucks, whatever repugnant I find it, Linwood. What I care about is that he is an asset. He exposes feminazism and exposes cultural marxism. That's more than enough for me. Like Richard says, he can't be attacked by the left because he is gay, Jewish and likes black cocks. And if he is attacked, the leftists exposes themselves.

      Why expel someone that is working so wonderfully for us?

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  4. Can anyone define the Alt Right? What is good about it beyond the pro-White part?

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    2. It is a group of people with different concerns, but with some strong common points, like freedom of association, preservation of the European culture and races, the traditional concept of family and fatherland, Christianism (atheism for those of us who are atheists), anti-Islamism, anti immigration, etc.

      In summary, a group of Europeans that want to survive and to pass their genes and culture to the future generations.

    3. Then it would seem the one thing that we all have in common is that we are pro-White.


      We may be religious or atheist, we may be believers in "Tradition" or science and technology.

      Since there is no religious test, or really any other ideological test, the only thing I can see to the Alt Right that makes sense is that it is Whites being loyal to Whites.

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