Friday, June 24, 2016

BREXIT - A Victory Against Globalism!

A huge victory for nationalism and self-determination. Despite non-stop propaganda from the globalist controlled media, the British voted to leave the anti-White European Union.

The globalists may ignore the results of this election. Or they may simply try another vote once they have flooded Britain with more non-Whites. However, they can't change that fact that globalism was defeated in this one instance. This will give hope to people around the world that we can have our homelands and not be controlled by the globalist masters.

I feel it in the air. People of European heritage are starting to come together. The enemy senses this too, and they are screaming in rage. For their day may soon be over. And they will be held accountable.


  1. It took the left 70 years to gain control of the institutions. We have had critical mass for perhaps 5 years and we are already winning.

  2. The sky is falling! The sky is falling because a slim majority in Britain decided to take back their independence and George Will has left the Republican Party because of Donald Trump! The sky is falling!

  3. Good show! Maybe they will vote to get out of the United Nations next month.