Monday, June 6, 2016

((( Coincidence Detector )))

Google banned a Chrome add-on that detected Jewish people by using the ((( ))) symbol. The goal was not to TRACK Jews, but to identify who is Jewish. This can be interesting when you read anti-White articles. Typically, you will see many ((( ))) in such articles with this coincidence detector enabled. And, yet, only 2% of the population is Jewish. This raises the question - Why is anti-White speech so disproportionately Jewish?

Many Jews on Twitter are now using the ((( ))) in an ironic fashion. But that misses the point. The ((( ))) was developed to identify Jews who claim to be White while defaming White people.

Personally I don't have an issue with any race. I believe that all people have the right to life and self-determination. But I also believe it is disingenuous to slur a race while claiming to be a member of such race when you, in fact, identify as something else secretly.  Full disclosure is usually a good thing.


  1. Ramz

    I get your confusion. look at the term "Jew". First off, it's all a lie and I won't get into the whole identity theft language based theft. Secondly dude, you're again not understanding that because of their identity theft, they are working as a collective, if not overtly, then subconsciously and all based, knowingly or not, on that identity.

    Are there exceptions? Sure, like there are exception of there being a pediophile convicted 10 times who might finally not advocate for his pleasure, but instead actually works for the victims

    He will say hail Mary's and do all what need be done for the audience but at the end of the day, she/he works for that collective's identity/.....PERIOD

    Ramz, I get your playing your hand in the "its not the jews ring of the Alt right" but you're being taken as a sucker by them and I guess only time will tell when the (((coincidence detector))) evidence render you without any retort.

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    1. It's a picture of a movie. In this movie he acts like a kid and does skateboarding. Then he says to the kids "Hello, fellow kids". The picture is this exact scene.
      It is like if a Jew says "Hello, fellow white people. We must stop being so racist."

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  3. RamZ,

    I am fan, so I hope you will take my comments in the constructive spirit that they were intended.

    I sense that you have the interests of our people at heart, while not promoting hatred of other groups. I am always reluctant to criticize a brother in the White Nation, because I do believe that the different views that we have about what is best for our people can be a source of strength.

    However, increasingly I find your propensity to give jews as a group a free pass difficult to swallow. It has come to the point that I am beginning to suspect that you have (possibly inadvertently) become a source of controlled opposition to our people - an opposition that is as blind to the role of the jew in the destruction of European culture as you imply that some whites are to the truths regarding race (as evidenced by some of your other work).

    Do your deny the central role that jews have played in the following cabalist “contributions” to our society?:

    a. Formed the Federal Reserve (one important nexus for cabalist financial abuse)
    b. Established the Frankfurt School in America, and its corrupting ideology
    c. Created and promulgated Boasian Anthropology and its falsehoods about race
    d. Promoted all the major wars of the 20th and 21st centuries
    e. Created and managed major communist revolutions
    f. Systematically falsified history (e.g. the Holohoax)
    g. Instigated and/or facilitated numerous false flag operations against the US
    h. Engineered mass third world immigration into our country
    i. Socially engineered the lowering of white birth rates below replacement levels
    j. Created or promoted socially destructive ideologies (feminism, gay rights, etc.)
    k. Advocated the criminalization of free speech (hate speech laws)
    l. Promoted and/or financed destructive vices (substance abuse, pornography, materialism, etc.) either directly or through control of the media

    The list goes on, but I think I have covered the highlights. Nobody is claiming that jews are completely responsible for all of these things, but their central role in them is well documented.

    If you deny this role, or the fact that jews were kicked out of 108 nations because of their parasitic and destructive behaviors, than you are not the student of history that I thought you were.

    Why is it any less cowardly for you to deny the role of the jew, than it is for some whites to passively comply with all the PC doctrine that you so effectively rebuke with your satire?

    Are you afraid that you will lose their favor and influence? Jews, by their own numerous proclamations are not white – I will take them on their word. They are not of the White Nation, and your insistence on being open-minded and inclusive toward them borders on either willful ignorance or complicity.

    I hope you keep up the great work, but when it comes to objectivity about the role of the jew, I expect more from one who claims to be a brother.

    Thanks for hearing me out.


    Just go to

    and follow the instructions. Works for Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera. It's a wee bit more complicated as with non-banned addons, but no big deal, a 2 minute thing - you install it as every addon developer does it, and the instructions are there on the site.

    Also, please support zeronet, which facilitates the decentralized serving of web pages (peer to peer), which thus cannot be censored - so that people can still download this awesome addon tomorrow.