Friday, June 17, 2016

Did ((( 1488 ))) Kill Jo Cox?

By nature I am not a conspiracy theorist. However, the murder of Labor MP Jo Cox by a supposed BREXIT supporter is very fishy.

The killer was some unknown man with a history of mental illness. Supposedly, he shouted "Britain First" when he shot her.  Eyewitness claimed that he did not say anything. But the media has been running with this story.

The SPLC has also been hyping that the killer had read some National Alliance material 10 years ago. So obviously he is a Neo-Nazi. And if you support Britain leaving the EU that obviously means you are a Neo-Nazi. That is the propaganda ((( they ))) are spinning at the moment.

Historically, assassinations have been an effective method to influence politics. Just prior to WW1, a Russian politician, Stolypin, was assassinated by a Communist Jew (Dmitry Bogrov). Many mainstream historians believe that the Bogrov was, in fact, manipulated by the Russian secret police. The goal being to discredit the Jews and the Communists by blaming them for the assassination.

Had Stolypin not been assassinated by Bogrov, WW1 may have never happened. And if WW1 never happened, it is doubtful that the National Socialists would have gained power in the 1930s. And without the National Socialists, there would have been no Holocaust. So, ironically, a Jewish assassin set in motion the events that led the the Holocaust narrative.

I will be interesting to see if the murder of Jo Cox will also change history.


  1. Britain has now got to tighten up on its lax gun purchase laws. Also, knives have got to be under better control over there. No knife longer than 1 inch long in Britain! And no more AR-15 purchases in Britain either. Say what????.....They already have super tight gun laws over there? And have for years now????........NEVER MIND.

  2. I seriously doubt that the Czar's secret police tricked some otherwise harmless Jew into assassinating Stolypin. Jews have a record of that kind of behavior, and we know that "mainstream historians" are only too happy to make excuses for them.

    So, as this alleged example applies to our own experience, what exactly are you trying to say, Ramzpaul? If you would say exactly what you mean, then we could dissect it and determine whether it is even tenable. As long as it's just nudges and winks, there's really not much to discuss.

    The funny thing is that, while you insinuate that some entities in the WN milieu might be something other than what they are supposed to be, you support the preeminent example of this, who has even been the subject of a book, Codename Greenkil by Elizabeth Wheaton, that makes exactly that case against him. You're throwing stones, while your buddy Tubby lives in a glass house.