Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Istanbul Thoughts

Another week, another Islamic terror bombing. When the news broke of multiple bombings at the Istanbul Airport did anyone think it was not the work of Muslims? Of course not. I would imagine that even the most deluded Salon reader had to know who was behind the bombings.

However, we are told that such attacks must be due to homophobia, the NRA, White privilege, Christian bigotry, Islamphobia, gun control or mental illness. We are also lectured that we have some sort of moral obligation to import these people into our countries. And then we are expected to act surprised and shocked when this sort of terrorism happens in our formally peaceful countries.

And here is a big difference between Trump and Hillary in this election - Hillary wants to bring millions of Muslims into our country, Trump wants to keep them out. In a just world only Hillary voters would be harmed by future airport attacks in America.

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