Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Libertarianism is now Clown World

Like many folks, I made my journey to the Alt Right through the ideas of Libertarianism. I read Ayn Rand and I donated to Ron Paul. In fact, my videos got their first exposure on a Libertarian site called LibertyForum (I was the user Nikolai9).

So I have a soft spot in my heart for Libertarianism. But something has changed since I moved on. Now the Libertarian Party seems to hold Left wing principles (such as the State demanding you make cakes to all people) combined with the legalization of heroin. It has become Clown World.

Below is an article in which Gary Johnson, the Libertarian candidate for President, says he 75% supports an avowed socialist.


  1. The libertarian position makes sense on drugs. Maybe heroin is a special case as its so powerful but even then prohibition doesn't stop it making it onto the streets.

    Banning drugs restricts the supply, causing the price to go up which incentivises people to smuggle in drugs because the gov't have made it so lucrative. The only thing prohibition does is enrich those smugglers and dealers who manage to evade the law. It also reduces the quality as consumers don't know what the hell they're buying.

    The libertarian position may be 'autistic' but the current position can't exactly be celebrated as a success either. You're never more than a couple of phone calls away from a dealer, everybody knows someone. So why automatically throw the libertarian position out of the window?

    As a non-user I don't care either way. But on the basis of the evidence I believe the libertarian position makes far more sense, even if libertarians feel the need to run around naked on stage at times.

  2. How about White libertarians (who have half a brain) just become pro-White?

  3. Gary Johnson is a pot-smoking sodomite in favor of open borders---we used to call these people Leftists, not Libertarians.

    1. Notice all these modern "libertarians" are actually okay with the welfare state. They just want pot. And they are almost all anti-White these days.