Monday, June 27, 2016

Sacramento Thoughts - Should Free Speech be Tolerated?

Approximately 125 Communists attacked 25 Nationalists in Sacramento yesterday. The Nationalists had a permit to speak in the state capital. The Communist organization previously threatened to attack the rally with violence. But the Nationalists decided to hold the event and not be intimidated.

Before the Nationalists could speak, the Communists attacked the Nationalists with knives and bats. However, the Nationalists fought back and were able to take some of the knives and bats from the communists. The Nationalists then used these knives to stab the Communist attackers. No nationalists were arrested as the police determined that they were clearly acting in self-defense.

Increasingly, the people on the Left think they have the right to physically attack anyone they disagree with. We saw them attack people attending the Trump rally in San Jose a few weeks ago.

In Sacramento the Communists were shocked that the Nationalists fought back. And the Nationalist group was not your usual genteel beltway Republican types. As such, even though they were outnumbered, they defeated the gender queer Communist attackers easily.


Communist after attacking Nationalists 


  1. Congrats to my Nationalist comrades for standing strong and striking back at the enemy.

    Violence works.

  2. The only thing the Left understands is getting its head knocked.

  3. The only thing the Left understands is getting its head knocked.

  4. I guess the mass media will now use this ass kicking of the leftie terrorists as the direct cause of any slippage in the stock market and increase in the inflation rate unemployment or Trump's approval rating. Help us! The sky is falling! It is falling!

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    but it was taken down. I put it in the replies and it is up for now...

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  6. Leftists are cowards and only attack in large groups. But they aren't disciplined and they are slobs and don't work or practice any sports or martial arts, so they are weak and that is the reason why a bunch of right wingers always beat them.

    Only a handful of patriots can make the difference. Only 300 Spartans and their allies held up against a Persian army.

    We can do it again.

  7. I hope Soros paid them danger money.