Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Understanding the Orlando Reaction

The Left's response to the Orlando massacre has been as I had predicted. The media has been spinning that guns and bigotry against Muslims and gays are to blame. Their proposal is that we need to take guns away from White men and further increase non-White migration into the USA and Europe.

Some people on the Right have thought that a Muslim slaughter of gays would cause a dilemma for the SJWs. The dilemma is as follows:

Over the past few years, homosexuality has been elevated to the highest American value.  It is hard to go anywhere without seeing the rainbow flag. And homosexuals are treated with the utmost reverence on television. commericals and the movies. It is officially cool to be gay.

And, yet, mass Muslim immigration has been championed as a positive for both Europe and America. However, Muslims tend to be not so friendly to homosexuals. They have a tendency to execute homosexuals.

So who wins? Homosexuals or Muslims?

In the SJW's world, it doesn't matter. What matters is that homosexuality and mass immigration both reduce the White population. Their goal is the genocide of the White race. When you understand their end goal, these apparent contradictions make sense.


  1. It boggles my mind to think that Hillary Clinton wants to hold gun manufactures legally liable in shootings but not a single liberal is talking about holding the Imam in Orlando responsible when he was preaching that the punishment for gays is death.

  2. Don't ask the left for consistency and logic. We need to make our lives separated from them. We have two kind of enemies: the foreign enemy and the domestic enemy. We could fight the foreign enemy, but the domestic enemy belongs to our race, countries and culture and we can not fight them without having a bloody civil war. We can not rescue them from their insanity, so the solution is to make our lives separated. Our own little communities, until the West falls victim of its own vices.

    And when the West falls, will be the time for arise again, clean from the disease of the left and SJW, and reconquer our ancestral lands again.

    We, Spaniards, did it once, against the Muslims, in a very similar situation. We can do it again. It costed us almos 800 years, but we did it. We persevered. We were a demoralized nation when the Muslims conquered almost all Spain, because we were under Visigoth rule, and let the Arabs conquer us without fighting, but a fistful of brave men resisted in the mountains of the north. And that strong seed repopulated Spain with the strength of its blood. All the West can do it again. Spaniards had our Reconquista. All the West can have its own Reconquista at a global scale. But we need to get organized now. Tomorrow will be too late.

    We need to create our own closed communities, as they are doing in Germany. That will be the only way to prevail.

    This was our Thermopylae battle:

    We can do it again at a global scale, my fellow Europeans. Do not despair. Be strong.

  3. Ramz

    Good video and solid points. A job well done. One thing tho. I and many others are not anonymous posters. Many others including myself support everyone's right to an ethnic homeland but the reasons I don't support the so called "Jews" right to "Israel" is as follows;

    1. They are actively trying to genocide all white people's in our ethnic nations.
    2. Being from Esau and Ashkenaz (admitted in their own authoritative texts) they are not the ethnic peoples of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.
    3. They have cited Obediah as their lawful right to return to the land.
    4. Since they have Esau genetics (((E1b1))) that binds this mixed race together and knowing their true ethnic Identity, a careful reading of Obediah shows that they have the first right of return but that first right is trumped by Jacob's second right of return. So in essence they are merely stewards until the true people of Jacob's seed (the 12 tribes) takes over.
    5. We must win the battle for our lands/nations and when that begins in earnest, these "Jews" will all run back to what they think is their get out of jail free card putting them for the first time in 2000 years in ONE geographic location.
    6. The "Jews" as we speak are erecting a World Government in "Israel" that they plan on ruling exclusively based on their race.
    7. In order for us to secure the future of our white/European children, we cannot allow the "Jews" to rule that World Government for in doing so we will have forever placed our children under these impostor's tyranncial yoke.
    8. Thus, after we win our wars at home we must come together and march on "Israel" for in doing so we will not only be able to give these Satanic, mass murdering hypocrites our own version of the Nuremberg trials that they like no other people on the planet deserve, but we will also take control of that World Government fulfilling the law in Obediah so we might also free all the people's/races of the planet as we become the rightful reigning servant/heirs of the world.

    Just thought you should know.

  4. That's the wonderful thing about the West. You don't need an opinion, it's rammed down your throat or (inline with exaltation of homosexuality, through another orifice ). You don't have to think, all you need to do is to spout out the lines of the superiors.