Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Crooked Hillary Skates

This was not a surprise. I predicted that Hillary would not be prosecuted. But I thought the FBI would claim she committed no crimes. What was a surprise is that the FBI admitted that Hillary committed Federal crimes but they would not recommend prosecution. Martha Stewart got sent to prison for less.

As the USA becomes a one party State, Hillary will have no pressure to obey the laws. Who will stop her?


  1. Since when did it become the duty of the FBI to recommend if a criminal like Hillary should be prosecuted or not? I thought that was the business of the Justice Department?........Oh, I forgot Slick Willy got that fix in with that mystery meat that is the US Attorney General now.

  2. I know you know this, but I think it's important to say it. Trump is despised by the media - the Jewish media. Trump is loved by the American people and he received more votes than any other Republican nominee in history to prove it, despite the fact the guttersnipe, Jew media attacked him the whole way. Now the problem is, as others have stated, that Trump hasn't gone far enough. He continues to cozy up to the racist Jews and their racist, murderous country Israel and he continues to do this like a spurned lover that refuses to accept "no". They hate him, like they hate all Europeans (whites) and they hate him because he represents whites interests.

    In the early 1930's a certain country in Europe had a similar problem. A few years earlier, German Jews stabbed Germany in the back in the middle of WW I. They organized riots and even wrote anti-German propaganda articles in the middle of the war - a war Germany was winning. And then they signed the surrender papers while the German army was fit and ready to continue fighting. These traitors managed to grab most of the media in the country, and is their tactic, they continuously lied to get their way. And like they do in the USA today, they physically attacked their right wing opponents and encouraged others to attack them and then they lied about it in the media. Finally, some people rose up and grabbed the lying Jews by their scrawny necks and told them "your time is up; you've done enough damage".