Monday, July 4, 2016

July 4th and Self Determination

I hope everyone in America has a happy 4th of July. Today is the day that we remember how our ancestors fought for their self-determination. They risked everything to have their independence.

Throughout the West we are now in an epic battle for our self-determination. The globalists have removed their masks and bared their fangs. They desire the genocide of our people. As our Fathers in years past did, we must rise to the occasion and fight for our freedom and liberty.

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  1. Your ancestors fought for taking America away from their countrymen at the other side of the Atlantic. They fought to undo colonialism. Colonialism is the conquest of America and Australia by Europeans and establishing a permanent migration stream so that born Europeans of every generation can go to America or to Australia and be at home there. Just like the west was conquered within America.
    Your ancestors took America away from Europeans mainly the British by making it formally independent. But centuries later, Americans discovered, their ancestors hadn't fully succeeded in taking America away from Europe. Because in the twentieth century Europeans could still emigrate to America and get a better life there. That's all we want here in Europe. So Americans decided to make the work of the Founders complete by closing the gates. Step by step the gates were closed. The most efficient way to close the gates, it turned out however, was not close the gates completely so that no single European WASP can go to America anymore, but to (a) impose qualifications that Europeans need to earn to go to America - This was achieved by skilled immigration schemes. Europeans can no longer go to America and take a what's theirs. - and (b) by taking immigrants from all over the world and not discriminate to the slightest in favor of WASPs or of Europeans. So that being born in Europe and not in the Third World gives you no advantage anymore, gives you no access to America. Finally if America is ethnically transformed, Europeans can no longer point at America and say "Look at America. Look at details like race, religion and national origin. Americans are Europeanss living in America. They are us. They are a part of us.
    So by introducing diversity, the work of the Founders was completed. Everyone who hates diversity should hate the Founders and love colonialism and the UK and other European countries.

    It is hilarious how you try to intertwine the fight to keep America white with the Founders and their fight to make America independent from Great Britain. It is hilarious, a facepalm moment.