Friday, July 15, 2016

Nice and Nationalism

Another week, yet another Islamic terrorist attack. This time the Muslim used a truck to murder 84 people in Nice, France.

I could probably do this video every week.


  1. The problem with most "nationalists" is they are loyal, not to a RACE, but to some form of government like fascism, etc. Just be pro-White.

  2. I guess the French haven't invented steel reinforced concrete moveable road barriers to block traffic and terrorist at large gatherings like this one in Nice? And probably the only response will be the survivors lighting candles of remembrance at sundown, linking arms in prayer and singing softly Kumbaya. Running the 3rd world trash out of France would be too harsh on the little dears.

  3. I hope and pray that French Nationalists strike back at Muslim filth and collaborators.

    Make it count.

  4. The main reason why France is so vulnerable is not because of the size of the Muslim population. The size of the Muslim population is rather the consequence of the fact that France tops every other European country in terms of loss of roots. France's weakness comes from the fact that it is a pseudo-nation, it is a centralized State that has tried to create an artificial nation from bits and pieces (Bretons, Occitans, Alsatians etc ). Nice for example is essentially an Italian city, Nizza only became French in 1860. France is the main symbol of the "civic nation" where people form every background are expected to blend harmoniously. In this context - in this vacuum - it is not surprising that Islamism is thriving and that there is no immune system to fight it! France as a political construct , as the symbol of the "civic nation" is a big part of the problem. All what is good comes from the real people that still have a national counciousness , the Basque, the Bretons, the Corsicans etc.

  5. Laguna Beach Fogey I think you are well-intentioned but the problem with "French nationalists" is that they are " civic nationalists ". Listen to Front National their reaction is to say that we must make Muslims fully French , we must assimilate . Good luck with that! What I hope is that the "Nissart nationalists " the people who in Nizza have have enough of France will say : this is one more reason why we can't continue like this, the French national model does not work!

    1. Yes, a lot of "nationalists" are just assimilationists. They still are okay with bringing in 3rd world people and making them your fellow citizens. Not good. Make sure they are right on RACE.