Sunday, July 24, 2016

Pray for Nice, Wurzburg, Reutlingen, Munich, Ansbach

A new day, a new terrorist attack. It is getting hard to keep track of all the Thoughts and Prayers.

We on the AltRight predicted that this would happen. But the Left gets mad at us, not the terrorists.


  1. Ali DAVID Sonboly. When did you ever hear of a Muslim named DAVID?

    His surname is the name of a town in Iran's Khuzestan province, which has a Jewish minority.

    None of the reports that I have seen indicate that Ali DAVID Sonboly ever visited a mosque. If there were evidence of such a connection, news-media would have mentioned it, as they did in the case of Omar Mateen. Sure, he shouted "Allahul Akbar" but anybody can do that.

  2. Hadding, Are you saying that the Muslims are being framed? Wonder where the kid got the gun and bullets? It's illegal to own a gun in Germany, not?