Friday, July 22, 2016

Trump's Acceptance Speech - The Lion

Trump gave a passionate acceptance speech that denounced globalism and promised to put America first. Of course, the media screamed that this speech was "dark" and "scary."


  1. Trump is helping destroy Political Correctness which gives us room to speak.

    He is not pro-White. He is not anti-White. We will have to keep pushing.

    To save ourselves, we will have to be openly pro-White. Not with coded language. This will be our first real chance.

    1. "Political Correctness" is not all-or-nothing, sorry to say. Yes, Trump has defused a couple PC bombs: 1) "Illegal Immigration", and, 2) "Islamic Terrorism".

      As far as the new Black privilege movement, Trump said, "all lives matter" (months ago: forever in politics). But, the Trump family (scripted) speeches at the RNC convention subtly supported the most destructive PC issues: (White) "privilege" fallowed by concern for "Black" and "minority" inequality; Women's equality and independence from us mean-old-men; and "LGBQ rights".
      And, while the Republican "conservatives" are busy declaring "unity and equality for all regardless of race, gender, or gender identity", the Democrats ("Liberals") from news print, tv, movies, music, and all big money media are hammering "Black Lives Matter", "Islamaphobia" is evil, "Gay Rights", "Transgender Rights", and every Kill-Whitey narrative just shy of fucking insane.

      A Trump win?
      Ask yourself - Cui Bono?
      It isn't us.

    2. To really get to the beneficiaries of a Trump win let's look at a few things.
      1) How many young whites would sign-up for more bloody wars for Isreal with Hillery or Bush?
      Trump is the perfect recruiter for "patriotic" White youth to be send to slaughter.
      2) An economically strong U.S. is critical to Israel's survival. Think war, U.N. sanctions, foreign aid, and Christian "Finn" warshippers 'o plenty.
      3) The Banksters don't want to completely wipe out Whitey. They need us to police, administer, and create for them. The U.S. has just about the right amount of "Diversity" to ensure Whitey will NEVER regain independence.

      Simple. But, these are the most important variables to understanding the game plan of our masters.

  2. You mentioned Ted Cruz the failed Presidential candidate. Well, if you listen between the lines of his speech at the RNC his is whining that if it wasn't for Trump he Ted Cruz would be the nominee. He is so butthurt MUCH! Oh, boo, hoo poor liddle ted cruz. Better put some ice on this teddy.

  3. Another Moslem went on the rampage yet again in Germany. Nine dead. Plenty of wounded.

    Bad news, "But it is an ill wind that blows nobody any good".

    Every time this happens, Trump takes an extra little leap closer to the White House.

    1. Who let those violent, low IQ Muslims into White countries?
      Who is paying for those penny-less, violent, low IQ Muslims into White countries?
      Who owns, controls media and writes the anti-White propaganda scorning any White as "Racist" (the ultimate evil in history) that dares question our right to exist?
      Who funds (owns) White Western politicians and writes our laws?

      It sure as hell isn't those blood-thirsty, low IQ Muslim foot soldiers ("refugees".

  4. Ramz, remember your predictions of the 2016 Presidential elections you made earlier in January?

    I posted my "predictions" on that page. Here is my comment from Januarry 2016:
    " 1) Trump will be elected. Massive migration of 3rd world peoples will continue to flood in the U.S., only "legally".
    2) We will invade Iran in a bloody war (for Israel).
    3) The police state will go into full force.
    The people will cheer and be happy content with it all. "

    Pretty damned accurate, no?

    Do you EVER interact with us lowly commenters? Or, do you still subscribe to the fallacy of only conversing with equal or greater "celebrity".

    Opinions derived from The Scientific Method TRUMP opinions of popular fashion. - Just saying.

  5. A friend of mine recently ‘came out’ publicly as a staunch Trump supporter (I’ve been to rallies together with him and his wife), causing a raucous in the office. He got into it with one of the femcunt libtard female assistants, who eventually backed down and apologised to him. Apparently there are some male Hillary supporters in the office. WTF?!

    1. I don't trust Trump as far as my grandmother can throw him; and, she's been dead a few years.
      But, Hillery is so blatantly far "left" (Marxist) you really have to question their competence. Just another reason to bring back IQ tests in the hiring process.

    2. Who in their right mind would want Hillary Clinton for their nasty old castigating mother in law? So why would anyone want her for their President?

  6. 4 more years of Clinton and maybe...maybe...maybe...oh nevermind. Only Trump has the money and balls to tell the American public about immigration. We'll never see this again in our lifetimes. Enjoy while you can.