Monday, July 11, 2016

What is Racial Justice?

After two blacks were killed by police, Google Tweeted that they support "racial justice." As I have always been lectured that there is NO SUCH THING AS RACE ONLY THE HUMAN RACE, I found this statement to be odd. And how does racial justice differ from normal justice?

And how does Google know that the lives were cut short unfairly? Does Google has a legal team that investigated these incidents?

Right after Google made that Tweet, a BlackLivesMatter supported murdered five Dallas cops. Maybe that is what is meant by racial justice.


  1. All this stuff about racial justice and BLM junk is just more obvious proof that the federal government's 150 year mega effort to make multiculturalism and integration work in America has been one long epic fail. Time to do something different to solve the long standing race problem in the US. Offer economic incentives for US negros to repatriate permanently to Africa and under threat of death if they return(they call themselves Africa-Americans or the more accurate Africans in America)Give each negro the equivalent of what it would cost the taxpayers to keep him or her in federal prison for five years. This is like reparations demands that is getting traction AGAIN!This is a win win deal! They get reparations for slavery and a return to where they really belong and we whites get them the hell out of our country. And from now on we pick our own damn cotton like we should have in the beginning.

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