Monday, August 15, 2016

The morality of European survival

The greatest crises that White people face is that our morality has been inverted and perverted. Our children are taught that we are uniquely wicked and evil for conquering lands. No other group of people has such a concept. For other races, victories over the enemy are celebrated and God is thanked. This is how it was for White people for thousands of years.  But now, we are only considered "good" people if we allow our enemy to kill our women and children. This somehow makes us morally superior.

Before we can obtain self-determination we must first change this self-destructive morality that has been pushed on our people.


  1. Yes, whites have to have a new (or go back to the former self view if you prefer)self view or perish.

    One of my favorite putdowns whenever the stupid phrase of "white privilege" is spewed out by the usual suspects is to say "So what? White privilege is good. And if the black, brown or yellow races had put thousands of footprints on the moon like the white race has done then they would be entitled to be a little uppity too!" Yes, our footprints are actually still on the moons surface and will be for many earth years to come. Only a far superior people could have done that! Tell that to your children when they come home crying because they were psychologically assaulted in their schools by social-Marxist propagandists bullies.

  2. I just read in Robert Glover's "No More Mr. Nice Guy":

    «They (four Nice Guys) developed a core belief in childhood that they were not
    OK just as they were. As a result of their internalized toxic shame, each
    developed a life paradigm that involved seeking approval and hiding percieved
    flaws. All of these men believed that these life strategies were necessary if
    they were to have any hope of being loved, getting their needs met, and having a
    problem-free life.»

    Whites now have toxic shame and think they need to seek approval from non-Whites. Only by being Nice will they be loved and accepted.

    1. So that explains the Good Doggie feeling that so many Whites seem to crave. Desperate for a pat on the head.

  3. White men need to stop being Nice Guys, individually and as a group.

  4. Call this inverted and perverted reality what it really is... Anti-white Supremacy.