Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Two Pillars of the Alt Right

Since Hillary's Alt Right speech, there has been a flurry of activity defining the ideology of the Alt Right. As the Alt Right is a movement, not a political party, the definition can be blurry.


However, the two key pillars of the Alt Right are:

1. The Right To Life for all People

This is fundamental. The fact that being AGAINST genocide is considered a hateful position shows how insane our country has become.

2. The Right of Self-Determination

We don't want Muslims flooding into our countries not because we think we are SUPERIOR, but because we have the right to maintain OUR culture.

Any cuckservative that might have trouble with this concept should consider Israel. Per the link below, it is USA's policy to maintain Israel as a Jewish state. As this nationalism is considered a good thing for Jews, it is also a good thing for the rest of us. I have no problem with Israel remaining Jewish. But extend the same courtesy to White countries.



  1. we know why white countries cant stay white, to hard to get them to play along for the (((banks)))

  2. Nobody is challenging the right of Asian, Black or Brown countries to stay the way they are.

    So, it strikes me as silly to take the "universalist" pose as a way of covering up the fact you are just pro-White.

    You're White. Be pro-White. Period.

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  4. Hello Ramzpaul. Love your site. And I enjoy your off the cuff - humor.

    A little gift for you Ramzpaul. Perhaps you might like to use my image of you. It could fit in your little thumbnail area - where your present mugshot exists with the doggy.


  5. If you are a negro, surrounded by other negroes, getting to some diversity really is your greatest strength ... maybe even your only hope.

    A lot of other non-white, non-Christian people could make a similar case.

    How do you hold them back?

    1. This is why there is no substitute for being pro-White. Other races won't accept our "Universal Identitarianism" or whatever convoluted name it's given this week. Brown and Black people will always won't to move to White countries.