Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Why does the Olympics suck?

The Rio Olympics have suffered low ratings. This must be disappointing to our overlords, because they wanted to showcase the Olympics as a model of our future. A dystopian world teeming with slums of mixed race people celebrating sexual perversion. All ruled by an elite, living in luxury, safely guarded by armed security guards.

The US media has been pushing Ibtihaj Muhammad as the new face of America - an African Muslim. This represents a future America where girls are stabbed for wearing shorts and Americans face prison time for blaspheming the prophet Muhammad.

But I dream of a prior Olympics that represents the soul of our people. May we one day have our homelands, and Olympics, again.


  1. The great thing about the internet, Ram, is that you can go back through time and look at Olympics past. I watched the gymnastics routines of Olga Korbut and Nadia Comenici, and their performances were almost like ballet. They were also very ballerinas are. When you look at the gymnasts of today, especially the women, they are horribly gargoylesque. Unnaturally musclebound with protruding stomachs...not fat stomachs, just well, grotesque. The routines are much harder, and certainly require more physical strength than the wispy routines of the past, but it is difficult to watch this sport, even with the amazing performances.

  2. Another thing we noticed today in the track and field 100 meter races: Almost all the runners, regardless of country were black.

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