Monday, September 19, 2016

Do White Lives Matter?

Hillary, and the Left, refuses to say that "all lives matter.". Their tortured reasoning is that by claiming "all lives matter" you are somehow minimizing the lives of Africans. However, I suspect the real reason is that they have an anti-White agenda and merely stating that Whites also have the right to life makes them uncomfortable.

A similar situation occurred recently in Hungary.  But in this case it was not Africans, but Jews.

The government of Hungary erected a monument to honor all the victims of World War 2. One would think that such a monument would hardly be controversial.

WW2 Memorial for all victims

Jewish groups, reminiscent of BlackLivesMatter, reacted in a rage. How dare the Hungarian government honor victims that are not Jewish! Obviously, the people who created such a memorial must be anti-Semites and Nazis!

So the Jewish groups created an ugly makeshift memorial in front of the official monument.

Jewish makeshift protest memorial

The underlining goal of such actions is to prevent Europeans from having pride in their heritage and people. This is why the racial demonization known "White Privilege" is being taught to our children. The goal is to encourage Whites to hate themselves and their culture.

Such racial propaganda has been effective in countries such as Germany and Sweden. This is why there is not push back from their people being eliminated by Third World invaders. After all, if you are a German girl why would you want to have a White baby? Such girls have been taught from birth that Whites are wicked and evil.

But in countries such as Hungary, children are taught pride in their people and heritage. As such there are very few Hungarian girls that desire to have Hungary overrun with Muslims and Africans. And attempts to install Hungarian guilt have not worked.

As a people, our first objective must be to stop the racial demonization of our children by our enemy.

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  1. You're missing the significance of the monument's symbolism. It is not "all lives matter," it does not apply to those Hungarians killed by the Soviets. The eagle represent's Germany, Archangel Gabriel represents Hungary, thus it is implying the nation of Hungary was victimized by Germany. The Jews are mad because for most of the war, Hungary was an ally of Germany. Hungary's leaders tried to make peace at the end of the war but the Germans easily crushed the Hungarian government and instituted a puppet state which received much collaboration from the Hungarian population.