Friday, September 2, 2016

Hillary admits brain damage

The FBI released the documents concerning Hillary, and the results were not very flattering. The two possible options are:

1) Hillary is mentally incompetent

2) Hillary is a corrupt liar.

However, I don't believe the two options are mutually exclusive.


  1. Just to say thanks for all you do, RamZpaul.

    The MSM - CNN/Fox/BBC - are now being shown up for what they are, and have always been - corrupt establishment tools.
    Thanks to people like yourself, and of course, the Man-God Donald(safety be upon him), this could be a Berlin Wall moment in history.

  2. I would be more concerned with the brainless dweebs who will vote for this Hildabeast ogre.

  3. shes fine. all a ploy. cant get in trouble for things you dont say

  4. The Sea Hag has long been rumored to have been a heavy coke user. My eldest sister is an RN who specializing in nutrition and aging issues (she has a PhD related to the field).

    She told me that it is very common to see people physically and mentally break down early due to heavy past drug use. She says the effects start showing up generally in a person's 40s. Hard core amphetamines like cocaine speed up the aging process if used habitually.

  5. how much power will huma abedin have if hillary is a very sick persident?

  6. at a certain age i think that anyone ought to take a brake ; her job is very demanding.