Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Trump vs. Hillary - Game Summary

I set my alarm to wake up at 3:00 A.M. Budapest Time to watch the much anticipated debate. Based one the hype, the debate was somewhat of a disappointment. Sadly, the visions we all had of Hillary collapsing on the stage did not materialize.

Trump started the debate strong discussing Trade, Crime and ISIS. I think the average "normie" was more impressed with his position. However, after the first 30 minutes, the debate got rather dull. And near the end of the debate, the moderator was debating Trump about tabloid issues (his taxes, birther stuff, etc.).  This is crap that the average American does not give a damn about.

As the mainstream media is almost 100% in the Hillary camp, it is difficult to get an unbiased moderator. Hillary was asked no questions about her support of the Iraqi war, the Clinton Foundation, Goldman Sachs, etc. The moderator only attacked Trump.

But as most of America now hates the mainstream media, I am not sure that this was a huge issue. Most Americans care about the economy, immigration and terrorism - not Trump's taxes.



  1. It's funny but even though it was only early in the evening here in California, my wife fell asleep at the same point in the debate where Ramz started to nod off.

  2. 1. Hillary da Beast really doesn't have a real plan for solving the huge and dangerous problems the US is facing. She only wants the trophy of being the first female President to hang on her wall.

    2.About that "birther" thing. Who gives a damn where that rat that has infested the White House for the last 8 years was born? Soon the prick will be gone thank god! P.S. One thing I can't stand is half-breed mulattoes going around claiming to be black!

    3. Finally, I think Trump will win the Presidency because when the voters go into the voting booth in private they will say, "Just why would I want my mean castrating nasty old mother-in-law to be President of the US? Instant Trump voter who previously planned to vote for the Hildabeast.

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  5. Now Trump became president of the united states