Thursday, October 6, 2016

Bill Clinton Calls ObamaCare "Crazy"

ObamaCare is a disaster. Even Bill Clinton called it "the craziest thing in the world." Yeah, I know Bill is getting old and senile, but sometimes truth comes out of such people.

The United States already has quasi-socialist medicine based on ObamaCare, Medicare, MedicAid, etc. The system somewhat worked as long as the majority of people were able to obtain insurance through their work. However, as jobs are being replaced via automation, and those that aren't replace are being shipped overseas, we are seeing the Middle Class losing health care.

Like it or not (and I don't), Single Payer health care is on the horizon. The hordes of the Third World flooding into the country will demand first rate health care. Socialized medicine can probably work OK in a homogeneous Scandinavian country. It can't work in a racial fractured country.


  1. couldn't disagree more. . no race or ethnicity or culture can make socialism work. The Scandinavian and German health care systems were goo , as long as the governments could rack up debts with deficit spending , and buy taking huge tax rate from a large group of baby boomers to support a much smaller group of older generation. the fiscal mess of crippling government debt all over Europe now is a direct result of those socialist programs.

  2. My concern is getting competent medical care by well trained doctors, nurses and technicians. Because affirmative action is now the rage in our medical schools and training hospitals getting good medical care is no longer a given. It is highly probable that your medical care will be manufactured in the 3rd world by 3rd world medical schools.

  3. I think based on the history of Genetics that free health care & education could work in ALL ALL White countries. What we would save monthly by not having to police/incarcerate violent MUDs could by itself finance social medicine. Many things that won't work in a country cursed by Forced DIVERSITY will work in a Whites ONLY homeland. It is the will of Kek that it be so.

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  5. Single payer isn't "socialized medicine". It's a financing mechanism but delivery of medical care still remains private. He's confusing a national health service (for example, the UK and Canada) system with a single payer system.

    Also, he's in eastern europe, these countries don't have the resources, both real and financial, as say a France, Italy or Germany (the Italians and French probably have the best medical systems in world if we look at all metrics).

    The US system is a mess. Prices will never decrease as long as health care is for profit. The cost savings and increased efficiencies of single payer should be the way for the US to go. But we're talking about putting health insurers out of business in the end. I welcome it. They impose massive externalities of the rest of society.