Saturday, October 8, 2016

Dissident Voices Shut Down in America

The State/Globalist Corporate complex has accelerated the censorship of dissent in America. The latest victim was the popular pro-Trump Twitter account "Ricky Vaughn".

In the Soviet Union, the state would directly make dissidents disappear. However, due to the First Amendment, the American government is technically not allowed to directly intimidate political speech. Instead, the American government outsources its terror to private organizations and corporations. These "private" organizations (who are all well connected to the government), do the dirty work of censorship and other forms of political intimidation.

In Communist countries it was illegal to engage in "counter revolutionary" activities and speech. But the problem was that this term was not well defined. Complaining about food shortages could be interpreted as  "counter revolutionary" activity. But at other times, you might get away with such complaining. The persecution of the secret police seemed random. The result was no one ever felt safe.

In a similar manner, the modern Western Countries make "hate" speech illegal, or subject to censorship. But what is "hate" is a nebulous concept. Black Lives Matter activists can freely call for the murder of White policemen on Twitter without penalty.  But a White man claiming that "all lives matter" can result in a ban. But maybe not. Like the old Communist secret policing, it all seems random and subject to whim. And that is the goal.


  1. Back in the USSR:

  2. Since Jews now control both the government and the media they are no longer against censorship. They work hand in glove with each other. Book burning, which they decried so strongly when Germany directed it at Jewish authors (often of filthy books like those of the now exposed fraud Freud)is now encouraged by them against authors such as historian David Irving and others.

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  4. There is a public/private partnership for the enforcement of thought crimes.

  5. David Irving on the brutal Jewish leadership of the 1956 Hungarian gov't.