Wednesday, October 12, 2016

GOP Establishment Attempts a Coup

Inside sources have confirmed that the GOP establishment leaked the infamous "pussy" tape in a coup attempt against Trump. I can't ever remember a major political party attempting to take out their democratically elected candidate a month prior to an election.

This coup attempt has discredited the legitimacy of the election and the American government. We we now have a one party globalist state with the GOP acting as false opposition.

The Republican Party will be seen now as irrelevant and as sort of a bad joke. The establishment now has to worry about a new serious opposition party arising from the ashes of this election.

Hillary will be elected President. But she will be despised by most Americans from Day 1, and much of the country will start to break in open rebellion.


  1. Be optimistic for heavens sake about the US presidential election! Here in the UK we thought that the Remainiacs would win the Brexit vote, but we were pleasantly surprised to be proved wrong.

  2. A similar situation in Sweden. The "right"wing and liberal opposition to the social democratic and environmentalist government since 2014 do not really act as an opposition. They could overrule the current government but don't, since the would be dependent on parlamentarian suopprt from the nationalist party Sverigedemokraterna (Sweden Democrats).

  3. Unfortunately, the Hildabeest *may be* elected Prez.

    But then again I keep seeing Donald Trump getting tens of thousands of enthusiastic supporters showing up at his campaign rallies and the Hildabeest only gets a few hundred or about 1500 at most at her measly rallies in auditoriums and stadiums that could have held thousands.

    I think there may be a surprise in November like the Thomas Dewey vs. Harry Truman Presidential election way back in the day. Dewey was beating Truman in all the polls and the Chicago Tribune even published a now classic headline proclaiming DEWEY WINS!!!

  4. Globalism = Treason!!!

    It's that simple!

    Big up yourself Paul Ramsey!

  5. Another great video Thanks
    You are exactly right and very tuned in to the political moods and history being made right now.
    As a registered Republican for 30 years, if Trump looses this, I will never vote Republican again for the rest of my life.

    That is not an emotional reaction but a rational decision.

    And I am not alone.