Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Hillary - Worse Than Nixon's Watergate

I always knew Hillary was corrupt, but even I was shocked to see the depths of her criminal behavior. In an undercover video, Hillary's campaign (more than just one person) was shown admitting, and even bragging, about organizing violence against Trump supporters. They were especially happy that they were successful in forcing Trump to cancel an event in Chicago due to their political terrorism.

Hillary's campaign also admits on camera that they use mentally ill people as pawns to instigate violence. However, they do say they are nice enough to pay for their legal and medical bills resulting from engaging in violence as instructed by Hillary's staff.

To put this in perspective, Nixon was forced to resign because his campaign team was caught trying to spy on the Democrats in the Watergate Hotel. Hillary's team has now been caught trying to disrupt the democratic process through political violence. By definition, Hillary is a terrorist.

The video also shows the campaign explaining how they attempt to violate various Federal Laws via "plausible deniability."

This video made me sick to my stomach.


  1. They're gearing up for a crack down, which, of course, will precipitate civil war.

    I'm ready.

  2. I didn't have any doubt that the left was using dirty tactics. They have always used them. And that's the way cultural marxism infiltrated the West in the 60's.

  3. The second part is already uploaded.