Monday, October 3, 2016

Hungary Referendum - Good and Bad

An EU migrant quota referendum in Hungary was voted on yesterday. The basic question was - should the EU be able to force "migrant" quotas on Hungary without the approval of the Hungarian people? The overwhelming (95%) response was "NEM" (NO).

Unfortunately, this victory was symbolic as the law requires that over 50% of the eligible voters must turnout for the referendum to be enacted in law. The actual turnout was 45%.

The Left Wing groups knew that they could not win the vote directly, so they encouraged people not to vote. So this boycott, combined with the fact that many people simply do not bother to vote, led to a less than 50% turnout.

Another issue was that the hardcore nationalist party, Jobbik, thought that the referendum was too mild. So while they officially supported people voting "nem", they were pretty lukewarm in supporting this measure. Most of this has to do with politics, as Jobbik is in competition with Orbán's political party of Fidesz. As such, I am sure many hardcore Jobbik supporters decided not to vote on a proposal that was too "cucked" for their taste.  A day after the election Jobbik demanded that Orbán should resign. Purity spirals in action.

A few takeaways that we can learn from this election:

1. Nationalism is popular with normal people. People want borders.
2. We must take action and vote. Apathy can kill.
3. Divisions in the Right over "purity" can lead to divisions and victory for our enemy

I met John Morgan at the Nationalist rally, and he provided some good insights:

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