Monday, October 10, 2016

Trump Wins Debate

And, just like that, the whole "pussy gate" scandal was dropped. What seemed to be like a campaign ending event was, within hours, destroyed at the debate. Masterfully, Trump used the "scandal" of him saying "grab the pussy" into a Clinton liability.

The masterstroke involved inviting four of Bill Clinton's alleged rape victims to the debate. While the media has been desperately trying to spin that Bill's sexual crimes don't implicate Hillary, the victims claim otherwise. These women claim that Hillary was actively involved in smearing and threatening them. The specter of actual rape, and subsequent intimidation, seemed to make the naughty locker room talk of Trump seem trivial.

Of course the GOP cucks such as Paul Ryan and Jeb Bush have been clutching their pears and acting self-righteous. But most American really don't give a damn that a man said "naughty" words in private. The issues of immigration, racial riots and the economy are a tad more important.

The knockout blow in the debate came when Trump claimed that if he were President, Hillary would be in prison for her crimes. The thought that Hillary might have to face prosecution for her years of corruption seems to have visibly shaken Hillary.

The Republic is now in a life and death struggle. Trump is our last peaceful hope.


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  2. People seem to forget when bill clinton was running for President there would be a woman after another claiming bill clinton raped her. These were brushed off by his campaign staff as "bimbo eruptions" and ridden out and largely ignored by the media. Now it is "pussy gate" aimed at Donald Trump. And the public conveniently overlook the fact that these allegations came from an open mic private conversation many years ago when Donald Trump was doing something for Playboy. One can assume that any conversation or writing for Playboy Enterprises will NOT be about one's favorite chocolate chip recipes. Donald Trump only said he did or would do something but bill clinton actually did it!

  3. Years ago Margaret Thatcher declared that Gorbachev was "a man she could do business with" - she was favourably comparing him with the usual robotic Soviet communist apparatchiks the West had had to deal with in the past. She passed this opinion on to her friend Ronald Reagan. The Cold war ended soon after.

    Ironically, I believe Putin will declare President Trump an American leader he can finally "do business with" and for the same reasons. The future of the world is looking rosier.

  4. I was going to try and take this seriously, until you used the word cucks. Grow up.