Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Will Texas Turn Blue?

There is talk among the pundits that Texas may go blue (i.e., Democrat) this election. While many of the Republican establishment is blaming Trump, the reality of this shift is based more on demographics. In general, non-Whites vote for the Democratic Party. And Texas is becoming less White every year based on births and immigration.

People forget that California was once a conservative state that voted Republican. But after decades of immigration California is now effectively a one party state (i.e., Democrat).   Soon Texas will be in that category. And once Texas flips, it will be impossible for the Republicans ever again win the Presidency. America at that point will be a one party state.

The only way the Republican Party can attract Hispanic voters is to abandon traditional America. America will soon resemble Venezuela or Mexico.


  1. 3:35 look like you attracted an audience. did they at least ask for autographs?

  2. So, America was surrendered without a shot.

    White Americans are such pussies.

    What a joke.

    1. Same thing happened in the once prosperous nation of South Africa. A bloodbath was predicted when the blacks took over the nation. It was predicted that the whites would fight back with deadly force but..........nothing happened. Now the whites are being systematically killed off and are barred from immigrating to the West for safety. But Syrians we can't get enough of!

  3. Have a look at this:
    Kind regards, Torben Bo hansen.