Sunday, November 6, 2016

Hillary is the dangerous choice

Hillary Clinton reminds me much of Elena Ceaușesc. Elena was the wife of Nicolae Ceaușescu, the Communist leader of the Socialist Republic of Romania. As his wife, Elana gained many powerful government positions and considered herself to be a strong and empowered woman.

As everyone was frightened of Nicolae, people played along that Elena was a brilliant and insightful woman. This caused Elena to believe her own bullshit propaganda.

This bit her in the ass when Nicolae left for a visit to Iran and protests broke out. Elena assumed control of the government and ordered the massacre of the protesters. This sparked the revolution that ended in the execution of the Ceaușescus.

She pushed things too far. This is a common trait with women leaders who have gained their power via sleeping with powerful men. They assume because they have spread their legs, they also somehow gained the power and insight of the man who fucked them.

If Hillary become president there is a real danger she will push Russia too far. Part of this is to overcompensate for being a woman. She wants to show she is as "tough" and "aggressive" as a man. This could lead to disaster.

Scott Adams wrote an interested post about how Hillary is the dangerous choice.


  1. For the last 8 long years we have had a mystery meat fool for President. Now unfortunately it seems we will soon have an obvious psychotic fembot fool to replace our mystery meat fool President. What did we do so wrong to offend the gods and incur this hellish wrath?

  2. As I've been saying for years, civil war is coming.

  3. Escalation to nuclear war is unlikely, but I could see another of those long, bleeding, minor wars such as Vietnam. Hillary could decide to put the Russians in their place with a show of force through no-fly zones, drones and air strikes in places such as Syria or Ukraine. These aren't the sorts of third world countries we have been blasting before which have no effective defenses. The Russian's military disadvantage has shrunk since the Balkan wars and they can conduct a war of defensive attrition. If the Chinese decide to pitch in with weapons in order to increase the distraction from the China Sea, the US could suffer enough losses in men and materiel to get the sheeple pretty rustled. Unlike in Vietnam, the Russians and Chinese have missiles that could hit our bases and aircraft carriers without using WMD's.
    I wonder how much longer the children of the "deplorables" who make up the bulk of our fighting forces will continue to sign up to fight these endless wars for people who hate them.

  4. Look around your 90% white Christian world. It is not free of violence against it's own. Remember Ted Kaczynski the Unabomber, Timothy McVeigh the Oklahoma city bomber, John Wilkes Booth Lincoln's assassin. Look at the anti-abortion fanatics who kill doctors. Think about the Inquisition in which purported blasphemers were tortured and killed. If the United States were to become 90% white Christian we would not eliminate fanatical murderers. It is not just non-white populations that foment hatred. It is an outcome of ancient and modern tribalism which claims that only it's own people are blessed. The founding documents of our country welcomed all cultures, all races, all people. America is the place where you are welcome when your own family throws you out. We are the future of the world where all cultures can live together no longer huddling behind nationalistic walls. Do not call for yet another fearful closed society, join us in an open worldwide community of humanity.