Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Paul Ramsey - Ambassador to Hungary

This is my video application to be America's next ambassador to Hungary.

This current ambassador is a soap opera star that has been trying to force American Left Wing "values" on to the Hungarian people. While I am sure she is a nice lady, America now needs an ambassador who supports and respects Hungary. We also need an ambassador who supports President Trump and Viktor Orbán. I am the logical choice for the following reasons:

1. I support Hungary

2. I support President Trump

3. I am a political outsider who represents the philosophical values of both President Trump and Viktor Orbán.

Let's Make America And Hungary Great Again!


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  2. Great idea! Hope you get the job.

  3. I want for Trump to commission me to create the Middle Eastern Union which will include Syria, Israel, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Jordan as an open border free trade super state with the city of Alexandria serving as its capital!

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  5. Ambassadors need Senate approval. Not sure how Easy Bake Anne will go over...

  6. I support your application to be US ambassador to Hungary. It would be good for both countries. There is no reason to have an ambassador to Hungary that fosters a bad relationship between the countries and Trump needs people that support his policies. The current ambassador may be a nice lady but she doesn't belong in her current job.

    Easy Bake Anne was excellent. It pointed out the bigotry Jews openly display towards Christians. I see no reason this should hold you back when racist Jews that like Noel Ignatiev who openly call for the genocide of white people are professors at Harvard and get supportive "encyclopedic" entries on Jewish run Wikipedia.

  7. Do you speak Hungarian?

    What are your views about local autonomy for the Hungarian minorities in the surrounding states,

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