Sunday, November 20, 2016

The Truth - Revised

I will fly back to the United States on Monday. I had a wonderful time in Hungary and I hope to return.  I love the climate and the people are great.

My next video will probably be later in the week. The jet lag is always a bitch going back to the States.

The video that started RAMZPAUL 9 years ago was called "The Truth." My journey since that time has been wild, and I hardly recognized who I was back then.

Since I started my videos, the Alt Right was formed. I would like to think my videos had some influence on the creation and development of the movement. Our movement's key idea being that all people have the right of life and self-determination.

As our movement matures, I hope we can grow from being more than a troll army. We need to articulate values (such as The Truth) that resonate with normal people around the World. And, yes, it is now a world wide movement.

To be Hungarian friends - viszontlátásra. Hope to see you soon.


  1. It's been a crazy trip. I've been trolling and shitposting online for almost 20 years. I've seen the Alt-Right go in the direction I originally wanted, which I started articulating in these circles 10 years ago, with positive results. It's very satisfying to watch.

  2. a "fortuitous confluence" of many strange bedfellows coalesced into the alt-right - including ramzpaul (can i get an amen), the historical hajnal line/cousin marriage info of hbdchick, the research musings of jayman, steve sailer, the manosphere, vox day's spearheading of christianity & science fiction, libertarian-republicans, amren & the early hbd (academic research/psychometrics). i was surprised to find others who knew that stuff - many young folks were unaware that such research has been around for a century - & existed before it got called "alt-right."

    paul ramsey was alt-right before alt-right was cool. & he deserves some credit for helping like minded individuals from different corners of the universe link up.

    memes & trolling & "commenting" helped some become aware that others are aware (aka "woke/red pilled":) that's been the best part - knowing that there are others who "know." here's to another 20 years of shitposting!

  3. I'm happy that you're coming back to the United States. Hopefully, it will be better for you now that Donald Trump will be our new president.

    Keep up the good work!