Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Plane Boy Stages Delta Airline Hoax

While Berlin is still burying their dead from the most recent Muslim attack, we have a known YouTube hoaxer claiming "racism" based on a hoax he created on a Delta Airlines flights. He claims he was thrown off a Delta flight because he was speaking Arabic. Yeah, right.

Adam Saleh makes a living by staging YouTube pranks exposing evil White racism. However, prior investigations have exposed that he stages his videos and lies. He is a con man that makes a living off White gullibility.

Maybe Obama will invite him to the White House to meet Clock Boy.


  1. Persecuted? This Adam Saleh must have money to burn, airline tickets are not cheap. Pity he can't find something useful to do with that money. He's probably some spoilt rich kid.

    1. I'm more angry at the stupid whites that play along with this bullshit.

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  3. No self-respecting Jihadi Kamikaze hijacker/pilot would fly Delta, they always fly American or United. That this incident occurred on a Delta flight should have given it away as a hoax right from the get go. Think about it, if you intended to carjack an unsuspecting motorist and take him for a hell ride culminating with driving head on into a crowded storefront would you pick the guy with the 1990 Toyota Corolla or the guy with the 2016 Lincoln Continental? It's axiomatic, hearing Arabic chatter on a Delta flight wouldn't have rattled me one iota but on an American or United flight I'd start screaming "air Marshall!!!!!!!!".

  4. I freely admit Im a racist.The only people that matter to me are my own.I think the thing that scares them most is that the white race throughout the world will unite.We dont need any of the rest of them and they know it.

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