Monday, December 19, 2016

Russian ambassador to Turkey - RIP

It is starting to feel like 1914 again.

A Turkish policeman murdered the Russian ambassador while screaming the usual Allahu Akba stock phrase. Of course, we will be told that this has NOTHING to do with Islam.

As tensions were already high between Russia and Turkey, this could get interesting. Thankfully, Trump is not interested in a war with Russia. So, hopefully, this assassination will not start a chain reaction such as started WW1.


  1. 72 virgins for the clean shaven Haji in the cheap suit!

  2. Trump is not interested in a war, but Obama is still president and he just moved 1600 tanks to the Netherlands. Russia may want war on Turkey and take the Bosporus back into Europe. They attempted to take the Bosporus in the 1800s, but Britain and France prevented it through the Crimea War.
    Europe would then be protected against the armies of the orient by Russia on all non-maritime invasion routes. Russia would have an access to open sea that never freezes.
    Turkey needs to be removed from NATO first, otherwise NATO would be required to attack Russia.

  3. Mind-time is fast, body-time is slow.

    Body will eventually inform the mind, but then it may be too late.

    Mind-time works according to words and info.

    Body-time works according to overall physiological effect.

    Telling someone of the horrors of smoking works on mind-time. In several minutes, a person can be informed of the dangers of tobacco. Even without smoking, the person will know that smoking is awful and offers no benefits. If anything, it ruins the lungs and heart.

    In contrast, suppose someone is told smoking isn't bad. Or he is even told smoking is good for him. Worse, he is told he must smoke for good health. Refusal to smoke makes him a bad person.
    So, it's anathema for him to think badly of tobacco or reject it.
    But body-time will eventually make him aware that smoking is bad for him. He will have breathing problems. His skin is turning sallow. His feels heart pains. But this takes time. It could take many yrs for the full effect of smoking to show up. But then, he could have lung cancer or irreparable heart damage. By that time, even if he does know of the danger of smoking, he may not be able to save himself.
    But worse, experts may tell him that he should keep smoking because his health problems are not the result of smoking but from not having smoked ENOUGH. So, for better lungs and heart, he needs to smoke 5 packs a day than just 3.

    The election of Trump is the result of body-time.
    Mind-time is controlled by the Proglob that controls the media, academia, and narrative. From young age, countless Americans have been drummed with the mantra of 'diversity is our strength', 'inclusion, inclusion, inclusion', 'opposing immigration is xenophobic', 'there is nothing worse than racism', and etc.
    These lessons are drummed into kids mind in a few sessions. It takes very little time to make kids think this way. And since other ways of thinking are effectively banned or taboo, the great majority of American kids, even of conservative bent, think and feel this way.
    But despite all this Nice Talk drummed into the American Mind, the American Body was getting sicker and sicker from massive invasion, degeneracy, decadence, culture of excess, rootlessness, and etc. Even though the mind has been told one thing, the agonizing American Body rebelled. Maybe Trump is just a snake-oil salesman than a true doctor, but the fact is that the advice given to the American Mind has been BAD MEDICINE, indeed poison.. just like the Proglob political-medical advice to EU is pure poison. I mean what sane person thinks EU has anything to gain by taking in tons of Muslims and Africans?

    But if you control the sounds, words, and images, it is so easy to fool the mind. After all, look how easily the masses got hooked to homomania via TV shows, advertising, and PC.
    But the body eventually finds out what it can digest and can't digest, what makes it healthy and what makes it sick.
    Telling the European mind that it should take in tons of transfat and sugar will eventually make the body sick. Body-time may be slow, but it will send signals.
    Problem is it may be too late by the time the body tells the mind to STOP DOING WHATEVER IS CAUSING THE HARM.

    But those who control the mind-time keep using the media and academia to tell the mind that the problem is NOT ENOUGH MEDICINE of sugar and trans-fat.
    So, bring in more Muslims and Africans to fix the problems caused by Diversity.

    Body-time works too slow. The nationalists must take over the means of affecting mind-time.
    Since the white mind has been corrupted and has 'come apart' from the white body, the white body needs to develop a new mind that will warn and inform if of what is good for it and what is bad for it. Real political-medical advice.

  4. Worse than atomization is sex-axed society.

    Unity of men and women make a race. There was a time when white women respected white men and desired using their wombs to make white babies.

    But now, the two PCs work against this.

    PC of political correctness tells white women that white men are evil & oppressive. So, the only kind of white men who are good are cucked out dorks, but then, women are not attracted to cuck dorks.

    PC of pop culture tells white women that white men are inferior to more muscular and bigger-donged Negrores, and this fills white women with jungle fever.
    Female psychology isn't loyalty to her race or group. It is loyalty to the dominant male.
    So, if a Negro kicks a white guy's ass, the white woman isn't filled with tribal passion to take care of the loser white boy. She feels contempt for loser white boy and runs off with the Negro and uses her womb to hatch the superior black baby.

    Or, like Trump's daughter, she goes with a rich powerful Jew and uses her gentile womb to hatch Jew babies.

    Women are whores. They are like Teresa in THE WILD BUNCH. Even though Mapache attacked her village and killed the men of the village, she goes with Mapache cuz he's the big man of the territory.

    Western culture is raw, rauncy, and porny. In sports, muscled blacks whup white boys. And in music, black rappers have the loudest voices.
    White women look down on white men as inferior and want to have sex and kids with negro.

    It's like Asian women under globalism. When Asian women only knew Asia, they were happy with Asian men. But in our globalized world, Asian women have globalized sexual attitudes and they notice that Asian men are inferior. So, many refuse to have kids with Asian men and dream of coming to the West to have babies with white men or black men. Thus, Asia is Saigonized. During Vietnam War, the women there were all whores of US military men.
    White men are becoming 'Asianized' in the West. Imagine a mental picture of
    a white guy pulling a rickshaw that is ridden by a white woman giving a handjob to a big Negro. That is the new white man. He's cuck-coolie serving jungle feverism. A white father is one who cheers a black guy beating up his white son and impregnating his white daughter. Disgusting.

    With all these big-pudded Negroes and macho Muslims coming to EU that is filled with cuckish white dorks, white women will go jungle-fever and have tons of mixed race babies. This is what the EU elites push as they're merely collaborationist stooges of Jewish globalists. In the end, EU will end up looking like Morocco or Egypt. A mud nation.