Thursday, December 15, 2016

Santa Claus is a Nationalist - Why Traditions Matter

The current debate of "Merry Christmas" vs. "Happy Holidays" is not trivial - it represents a world view. Those who say "Happy Holidays" do so in a globalist sense to include all religions. Whereas "Christmas" is very much a European and Christian tradition.

And traditions DO matter.  Once a people lose their traditions, they tend to lose their hope for the future. People embrace hedonism and reject children. This represents the seeds of destruction for a civilization.


  1. John Lennon's 'Imagine'? You are being ironic! It's about the most globalist song imaginable.

  2. Let me see if I can reduce this to an axiom: We did it to ourselves, the West committed suicide, it's a life cycle of civilizations kind of thing, we strive, we survive, we succeed, we prosper, we relax, we become decadent, we stop reproducing, we take in immigrants...
    In other words: it's Ted Kennedys all the way down and don't blame the Jews. We did it to ourselves we did!
    But the Jews, now there's the ticket. They keep their identify... yada yada yada. All those billionaires...yada yada yada. That could have been us! We could have been a contender!
    The truth is we are being harvested by the same tribe that infiltrated Athens, Rome and Europe and laid waste to those civilizations using the same mind infestations that they have used for thousands of years. Do you really think that Plato's Republic, the legend of Alexander the Great, the historical record of the fall of Egypt, Athens and Rome is to be taken at face value? We can trust none of it as genuine and what is being done to us will be buried by the same tribe once Christian have been exterminated. History is to be inferred from the record of deception and history is the record of those civilizations that attempted to accommodate Jews and each of them were destroyed. Look at England, she fought two wars for the tribe and the tribe turned around an opened the gates to the hordes that were send our way by the tribe itself. It is now nothing more than a multicultural armpit and anyone who even attempts to criticize Jews for this is sent to prison. You know this is true don't you Paul? Why do you lie for them Paul? You could make a case for one or two nations "committing suicide" but when you try to explain away the destruction of over twenty white nations that have Goldman Sachs' whores at the helm it's obvious that you are lying through your teeth. Perhaps you demand that we look at it from a 'Judeo'Protestant' perspective which is in fact the most destructive mind infestation of all time. Not buying it. The Renaissance was born in those nations that expelled the Jews, Spain flourished after expelling them and Germany became the most prosperous and creative nation on earth after dealing with them. It took the most powerful Jewish controlled nations on earth to put a stop to Germany after she freed herself from the predations of central usury. The murder of Christianity proceeded from the two world wars that were enabled by the creation of the Federal Reserve in 1913. The murder of Christian Russia then Christian Europe and on from there. But there is nothing new here, before that they ruined France and started the Thirty Years War. They have been at us for thousands of years. Every filth, poison and perversion and do you think for a moment that Early Childhood Sexual Education is something they haven't used to pervert innocence before? The legend of Set molesting a child and the Satan in the Garden of Eden. Do you really believe that Feminism, multiculturalism, rampant abortion and the vectors of perversion we now take for granted were not visited on nations by the same tribe thousands of years ago while they promoted the exact opposite for themselves in ancient Egypt, Athens and Rome?
    Are you just a shill?

  3. You use a weird definition of the word "hedonism".
    There's the Greek word "hedomai", "hedesthai". It means being happy, being in a comfortable state of mind and state of body. As I learned Latin and Greek first, English later, I'd use this word to describe things like:
    - Not allow to be oppresses, not allowing the rulers to exloit you, but be greedy and lazy instead.
    - Not allowing anything that causes you harm aka discomfort.

    You instead use it for something that CAUSES harm. The harm of dying out. While I uses it to describe a behavior of seeking comfort and pleasure and rejecting discomfort and harm, you use it to describe something that cause harm, the contrary.
    Since I don't know exactly what it means, I have to draw conclusions from the effect you describe. You say it is something that causes the people to have less babies. Ok, let me start. For babies to be born, requires, men and women find each other, marry and have sex. That's necessary,except marrying, but it's advisable to marry before having children, it also works without marriage. But it's absolutely necessary for women and men to find each other and have sex. Otherwise babies aren't born. So, your "hedonism" must be something that causes people to have less sex. Whatever.

    1. I think that what Paul means is that having sex is hedonistic, but having babies is a bind, very tedious & tying. Therefore people use some form of contraception to prevent pregnancy & thus can enjoy sex without the tedium of committed permanent relationships & having children which rather ruins the pleasure. Hence fewer children.

  4. Re something you re-tweeted - here is the link:

    The tweet says the 'U-Bahn-Treter' is a "MUSLIM" -- this if false -- he is a 27 y/o Bulgarian -- seems to be Roma (a gypsy) -- in general many stories from Europe are either misreported or misrepresented by generally well-meaning/well-intentioned 'alt-right' web sites and bloggers -- you should be a bit careful about that in the future.

  5. Paul, I find fault with your Alexander the Great example juxtaposed with the modern Globalism espoused today by modern Globalists. Alexander's ancient vision of Globalism undoubtedly reserved Macedonia or Hellenistic Greece as it's ruling capital to which all subjugated territories would pay taxes too and be forced to accept their subservience too. They didn't call him "Alexander the Great" because his vision was to surrender Macedonian national sovereignty without a fight turning it into a vassal state to ancient Persia and forcing Macedonia to pay tribute to Persia because it made him feel morally superior. Alexander fully intended to rule a Macedonian Empire and surely would have had he not died early on consolidating his empire. Modern Globalists like Obama argue for the mighty United States to surrender her national sovereignty to foreigners without a fight and turn free American citizens into subjects of the World without a voice, without self-determination and most alarmingly without guaranteed rights. In essence the modern Globalists argue for a total capitulation of the United States to a militarily inferior and in my opinion ideologically inferior World government. Alexander the Great was most assuredly not cut from the same cloth as Soros, Obama and the rest of the neo-globalist ilk.