Monday, December 5, 2016

Wake-up call for the Globalists: Nationalism is inevitable

The CBC funded a rap video that celebrated what they see as the "inevitable" end of the White race. Posted on YouTube, the video received a whopping 99% negative rating. Of course, the publishers were too scared to open the comments.

People around the world hate the idea of globalism and genocide. People want to maintain diversity and not turn the entire world into some globalist dystopian vision where humanity become a soulless, grey blob.


  1. In a way, this PC stuff is post-imperialist than anti-imperialist.

    After WWII, the main theme of the Third World was to reclaim the homeland, gain independence, and develop own nations. Anti-imperialist.

    Since US immigration laws changed only in 65, few even dreamed of going to America. Their main goal was to EXCLUDE the imperialists and send them back home.


    In Easter Bloc, the dream was RUSSKIE GO HOME.

    1. So, the theme was anti-imperialist. Let whites go back to their white homelands and let non-whites own, rule, and develop their own homelands.

      If white nations had kept a strict immigration policy, this theme would have stuck. Anti-Imperialism.
      If Imperialism had forced the Inclusion of White Power and white colonizers into non-white lands, anti-imperialism forced the expulsion/exclusion of whites to bring forth Liberation.

      This was good for non-whites and whites in the long run.

      But then… white nations opened the gates. Not just in Europe and America but eventually in Canada and Australia. I wonder what the hell happened to Sweden to make it so ‘inclusive’?
      It goes to show that ruling ideology really matters. Sweden had every material means to maintain a healthy stable society, but its cancerous ideology drove it to suicide.
      There is also the sin of pride. Surely, many progs can see the horror of their policy, but their pride prevents them admitting guilt and reversing the course. Letting in tons of Muslims is seen as killing two birds with one stone: moral superiority over white ‘nazis’ and Zionists. Whites must atone for the Holocaust by embracing non-whites. But by supporting Muslims against Jews who oppress Palestinians in Israel(the last holdover from Western Imperialism), it also makes Swedes morally superior to Jews.
      Ironically, Swedes and Merkel are just like Hitler. Der Fuhrer, filled with pride and hubris, could never admit he did anything wrong. If Germany was going down in flames, the blame was with Germans, not him, and he was going to make sure that Germany be punished for having failed to fulfill his vision. His way or the highway.
      Prog hubris and pride work the same way. If more Diversity isn’t leading to some rosy future, then the white deplorables have failed their utopian vision and must be destroyed by yet more diversity even if that destroys all of western civilization.


    2. Anyway, when the west opened the immigration gates, non-whites who’d told white folks to go home couldn’t resist going to white nations where life was easier and more convenient. And more pleasurable with entertainment and loose sexual morals.

      So, if anti-imperialist non-whites once said “we don’t need whites”, the post-imperialist non-whites felt “We want to live with/under whites who do everything better.”

      On the one hand, they wanted to cling to the anti-imperialist narrative of anti-white-oppression and non-white-liberation, but on the other hand, they succumbed to the reality of white superiority in managing societies in terms of production and rule of law.

      But there is contradiction in the white prog mind as well. During the anti-imperialist era, they sided with non-whites and called for end of imperialism and colonialism. They contended that all the problems in non-white nations were due to white capitalist exploitation. In the end, whites had to give up their colonies and return home.

      But, these ‘liberated’ nations soon turned corrupt, repressive, murderous, and nuts. Some of them were hardly nations in the modern sense of the word. So, these ‘compassionate’ white progs felt that the humane thing to do was to offer non-white masses refuge from non-white tyranny and terror. Also, it gave them an opportunity to virtue signal and act holier than thou. They are addicted to moral superiority, a legacy of Christianity.
      But this gesture would indicate that non-whites are inferior and must be offered safe haven by whites since they are so hopeless on their own. But we can’t say that, so just find more surreal ways to blame it all on white males. Since rich white males of big cities sign onto PC rhetoric to avoid being targeted — modern form of buying ‘indulgences’ — , just blame W. Virginia hillbillies or Arizona gringos who are tired of illegals invading and ripping off their property.

      This is why PC is so confused. It is really no longer anti-imperialist. It is no longer “yankee go home and leave us be in our own land”. It is “let US-dominated globalist-imperialism take over the entire world, let me into white nations, let me have the good life, and let me complain about white man because it is would be embarrassing to admit that I prefer the white world over my own.”

      It is father Khan-ism, the idiot ‘gold star dad’. It is homos, Sikhs, feminists, Muslims, Somalis, Mexicans, etc chanting USA USA USA USA at Hillary Convention led by a deranged white general who calls for new cold war with Russia to spread US power all over the world.

      It is truly demented. And so dishonest.

  2. It's 13,717 dislikes to 227 likes now. Only 1.6% like the crap. I (& many others) do not like (c)rap music anyway, so this video should only appeal to the young & naive.