Friday, January 13, 2017

Donald Trump Calls CNN Fake News

Ever since Hillary lost, the mainstream media has attempted to create the narrative that her defeat was due to "fake news." And, of course, "fake news" is defined as any news that is not approved by the mainstream news gatekeepers.

Trump was able to turn this phrase back at them after he called CNN and BuzzFeed "fake news" for publishing the rumors of him hiring Russian prostitutes to pee on each other in a Moscow hotel room.


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  2. Yep, it's a whole new world and I'm lovin' it!
    Politicians used to have to crawl before the news media knowing full well the press had the power to make, or destroy, a politico's career.
    Watching The Donald(pbuh) telling a CNN hack to sit down and behave was pure gold.

  3. In the US there is what is called "freedom of the press" or other media too. This falsely implies that what the press or the media broadcast is true and accurate. This may or may not be the case because the news media is a business that is in a very competitive environment. They have to bring in the readers so they can get the advertising revenue or they sink and go out of business. So, the press has a customer base they have to cultivate and service in order to survive. Their customer base could be a bunch of liberal Hillary loving snowflakes that only want news that puts President Trump in a bad light and puts the Hildabeast in a saintly glow with a halo. And the other end of the spectrum is the more conservative media that has its own customer base it has to service or sink. So, rather than being a fount of truth and accuracy everlasting the media is just another business venture.