Monday, January 30, 2017

President Trump - Make America Safe Again

The Left always claims that the Right exaggerates the actual risk of being killed by a terrorist. While that is statistically true, such analysis fails to consider how terrorism, and the threat of violence, lowers the quality of life for everyone.

As an example. while most French probably won't be killed by a terrorist attack, they are not able to avoid the crime, filth and fear caused by unrestricted immigration. The once beautiful Paris has been destroyed by Muslim immigrants.

President Donald Trump answered critics of his immigration restrictions from seven high-risk countries in the Middle East, sending a message out on Twitter.

“Only 109 people out of 325,000 were detained and held for questioning,” he wrote. “Big problems at airports were caused by Delta computer outage, protesters and the tears of Senator Schumer.”

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer teared up during a press conference on Sunday, calling Trump’s executive order “mean spirited and un-American.” On Monday, he stated his intent to ask for a vote in the Senate to repeal Trump’s order.

Trump did not signal any intention of backing down.


  1. February 1st - Hijab Day.

    From the Swedish daily newspaper Gefle Dagblad:

    "To me my hijab is a statement. I am beautiful, and I am not afraid of being seen for who I am. See beyond my body, see my inner beauty."

    "I love to wear a hijab. I feel very beautiful. It is sad when I get angry looks from those who are ignorant. But I don't get offended, they don't know me, and they cannot make me feel bad. I don't wear a veil because I am forced to. I am wearing it because I have chosen to."

    (my translation)


  2. It is the purpose and the promise of President Trump to promote the best interests of the US and the American people in a world that is becoming even more dangerous than most people realize. The best interests of Somalia, the Sudan, Libya and other unstable nations in the Middle East are not the best interests of the American people. Their internal problems and conflicts are not our problems to solve by letting anyone come into the US simply on the pretext that they are refugees in fear for their safety in their own damn countries. Thank you President Trump for putting the USA FIRST!