Thursday, February 9, 2017

Dear White People - A Response

NetFlix is producing a new "comedy" series that is based on hating and mocking White people. Of course, if such a series was based on mocking any other group of people it would immediately be shut down for "Hate."

The degree of hatred that is now directed towards White people is amazing. I have no doubt that if the Left ever gains power they will do all they can to exterminate White people. And groups such as the SPLC and the ADL will be happily cheering the slaughter.

The Netflix video is remeniscent of what was created in Nazi Germany concerning the Jews.

One positive development is that many people are starting to object to this overt hatred directed toward the White race.

Compare the amount of Likes vs. Dislikes for this video. The overwhelming number of people are disgusted at this Netflix hate video.

Based on the negative feedback, I doubt that there is really a strong market for such an anti-White "comedy". But I am sure Netflix will go forward with the show no matter how low the ratings. For the people (and they are not black) behind the production of these shows have a genocidal hatred of the White race. They are quite willing to lose money in order to promote their hate propaganda.


  1. Didn't everything the Germans said about the Jews pretty much turn out to be true?