Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Flynn's Resignation and Pizza Gate

Michael Flynn resigned after it was disclosed that he talked to the Russian Ambassador prior to President Trump’s inauguration. He also failed to mention this to Mike Pence during his interview. As this was a violation of protocol, he submitted his resignation.

The media will try to spin this as a big “scandal,” but I don’t think most Americans will really care. No harm was done and this was more of a procedural violation, not criminal.

I never cared for Flynn’s antagonism concerning Iran, so his removal could be a net advantage. Iran is currently fighting ISIS, and they are not involved with the terrorism in Europe and American.  As such, I don’t think we should be looking to start a war with them. Yeah, I know Israel wants us to fight a war. But President Trump needs to put America first.

What was odd about Flynn’s resignation was Hillary’s reaction. She tweeted the following:

This is in reference to the “Pizza Gate” scandal that started the “Fake News” meme that the Democrats were pushing. As the younger Flynn thought that there might be some validity to the story, Hillary is acting as if he is receiving his due punishment for daring to broach the topic.

While I am not sure if there was a pedophile ring within the Democratic Party, there is no denying that the campaign manager has an usual taste for art.


  1. The whole Russian scandal the mass media is currently pushing is a bit too confusing. Are they saying that the Russians hacked the vote counting computers in the last election and made it possible for President Trump to win over The Hildabeest?
    If this is so then I nominate Putin for the Presidential Medal of Freedom and the Nobel Prize too for saving the US from the hideous Hildabeest monster who almost won but didn't thank god!

  2. There is clearly something deeply weird and messed up going on inside the Democrat party. A lot of the nonsense about Pizza-gate is obviously a smokescreen to hide a real scandal. Diversion tactics. Anyone with a taste in 'art' like that should not be arranging children's parties.

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