Monday, February 20, 2017

Is Sweden Fake Country?

We have Fake News. How we have Fake Countries.

President Trump has been using the term "fake news" to describe the mainstream media that creates propaganda instead of news. The goal is to break the media's monopoly on information.

In a similar fashion, President Trump has started to expose events that have been carefully hidden by various Western governments. The recent mention of Sweden was, in a sense, his way to expose lying governments, or "fake governments."

The Swedish government desperately wants to hold onto their theology of human equality. As such, the fact that almost all violent crime in Sweden is committed by Third World immigrants is an embarrassing fact that must be hidden from the public. The article below explains the various methods that the Swedish government has implemented to repress free thought and dissent.

And now President Trump has blown their cover.


  1. She was not swedish, she was iraki i think.

  2. Alexandra was not Swedish. Being born in Sweden does not change the DNA of your parents.

  3. She is of Lebanese decent according to
    Her bulbous nose and baggy lips didn't imply Swedish typical womanhood physical features. Looked suspicious.

  4. Yes and her hair is obviously dyed, and there are certain masculine traits in the face, by Aryan standards, that at first I thought it might be a tranny.

    All that being granted, I think the point though is that the image she presented was quasi-Aryan enough to excite the lust/violence nexus of affects in the groids. That is a sufficient point to have been made.

  5. The point here isn't the girl's ethnicity. It's the media cover-ups and oppressive laws against the people, politicians AND media in Sweden turning against their own people.