Saturday, February 11, 2017

Milk - Makes A Nation Great

Did you know that milk represents White Supremacy? I didn't either until I watched the video below. If you can drink milk it means that you are pretty much literally Hitler.

Below is a map of lactose intolerance.

The fact that Europeans evolved an enzyme to process milk within 10,000 years is another example of the differences between the races and how quickly evolution can change our biology.  The idea that race is just “color of the skin” is incredibly stupid. But people still cling to this notion to maintain their faith in human equality.

Milk also represents how quickly the Europeans evolved intellectually compared to Africans. For millions of years it never occurred to sub-Saharan Africans to domestic any of the wide variety of animals around them. Yet, the domestication of animals occurred quite rapidly in the Middle East and the Europe.  So I can see why a BlackLivesMatter activist would consider milk to represent “White Supremacy.”

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