Monday, February 27, 2017

RAMZPAUL - Swedish Nationalist Conference speech

I had a great time at the Swedish Identitarian conference. Thank you to Red Ice for creating this video.

I am now back in Budapest and it feels like Spring has arrived.


  1. Ramz are you sure these attendees could understand English? Great speech but their reactions as far as I can tell seem to indicate they didn't really understand you. They could have been terrified that they all could be arrested for hate speech or some other dumb shit Marxist Socialist law in Sweden. Let's hope they can throw off the slavery yoke of globalism and they too can be a Great Country once again.

    1. Swedes understand english very well, even the old generations.

  2. Most Swedes speak English well. Part of it is culture as the Nordic people tend to be more reserved. But they are very warm people.