Monday, February 13, 2017

Swedish Ministers Challenge Trump!

Swedish feminist politicians recently tweeted a "empowered" picture designed to mock President Trump.

Powerful women with their arms crossed and "fierce" faces. The usual feminist claptrap.

Of course, feminism has plagued the West for many decades. But in Sweden feminism has taken a strange, cult like turn.  As a recent example of this insanity, feminists in Sweden seriously proposed that their men should not be allowed to stand while urinating because it was a sign of "toxic masculinity."

Despite their "you go grrrl!" posturing, what is interesting is how submissive these women become in the face of Islam. In the picture below, these same women happily don the hijab as a sign of submission to the patriarchy.

Sweden for years was a model socialist-lite society that was hailed as an example for other Western nations. The Swedish people had generous welfare and violent crime was almost unknown. Then Sweden decided to import massive amounts of Third World immigrants into their country. Within just a decade, Sweden has become the rape capital of Europe. And the primary demographic who has supported this Third World invasion has been feminist women.

Heartiste helps to explain this seemingly contradictory behavior.


  1. Wait till Islam takes Sweden over! They'll be singing a different tune then!

  2. Unfortunately, that will be too late. I hope Sweden can serve as a warning to the rest of the West.