Friday, March 24, 2017

GOP Health Care Bill Fails

President Trump was elected because people wanted jobs and they wanted to have illegals removed from the country. Health Care was not the major issue.

However, Trump decided to focus on a warmed over version of Obama Care. Yeah, Obama Care is a disaster, but the new bill was not much better.

The fundamental problem with heath care is America is PRICE, not coverage. Third Party insurance (mostly funded by the taxpayers) removes the incentive for health providers to lower their cost. Obama Care or Ryan Care did not address that fundamental issue.

Politically, this is probably a positive for Trump. As Obama Care fails, he can claim he tried to offer a better solution but the Democrats and GOP cucks prevented that from happening.

Update - I am trying to figure out YouTube's new censorship policy. Is it based on the content or the person? I am also interested how their new algorithm censors comments.


  1. The only problem ObamaCare is that it uses other people's money taken at gunpoint by the government to pay for someone else's heath care. Sort of like the planter class in the old South using black slave labor to produce Southern cotton. Today's tax slaves are the new slave class in America. And the threat of the sharp sting of the whip of being called a racist keeps them cowed and producing

  2. If free health care was extended to everyone our borders would need to get clamped down tighter than a mouse's bung hole and rationing of medical resources would be inevitable. Resource allocation would lead to disputes all around between providers and patients. I'm not so certain I agree with you here Paul as nothing allocates resources more efficiently than the natural market forces of supply and demand. I think Trump has the right idea too facilitate healthcare markets by scrapping as many impeding restrictions as possible and creating a nationwide common insurance market that severely limits meddling by individual state governments. We need a market based solution!

  3. I am trying to figure out YouTube's new censorship policy.

    Keep slaving away for us whitey and when you can slave no more jump into the ovens.

  4. Health care is a dead loss. Nearly everybody becomes chronically sick in the end as they die & ends up consuming more health care than they ever paid for, people do not realise just how expensive it is. Private free market insurance will never work in the health care field unless the premiums are made ridiculously expensive. If you are making a profit out of it then you are doing something wrong. Here in the UK you can have private health insurance if you wish, but the cover is limited & when it runs out you may be thrown on the NHS to die. Our NHS has many faults but I would rather have it than private health insurance any day.

  5. Another thing is everyone seems to assume that regardless if it is the Obamacare Bronze Plan or the Trump revised plan they will be treated by a highly trained and committed medical team. There is a lot of 3rd world crap in America's health care system. From questionably trained in a 3rd world MD degree mill doctors who can't speak or even read English or the ill trained nursing staff from the 3rd world who have been hired by affirmative action and haven't a clue about infection control even if they gave a damn. So, even if you get a good health care plan you are going to get garbage from the 3rd world. And of course if you complain about it you are a damn RACIST and should be dead anyway!

    1. I say go for it. It's the only thing that will make white people begin to get explicit about sticking up for their group interests.

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