Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Stick man - An American Hero!

The "antifa" (establishment Communists) have been active in attempting to silence the speech of Americans. Their usual tactic is to mass in numbers and attack women and old men and then run away. Below is a picture of an elderly man who was marching in support of Trump. The brave antifa maced him.

Of course, as the antifa is part of the establishment, the police tend to look the other way while these cowards attack women and the elderly. But out of the blue arose a hero to fight back and defend the rights of Americans!

Armed with only a stick and a shield this man was able to fend of the attack from the Communists. Of course, the police were quick to arrest him.


  1. I agree that the police don't seem to want to help our people when we need help in situations like this, so we definitely need to defend ourselves. We just have to make sure that we stay within the law. In situations in which we are dealing with anti-white haters, it is easy to become too emotional and do something foolish. We want to defend ourselves without becoming vulnerable to a charge of assault or worse. Even if this means our having to study the law and how it is applied to situations like this.
    The anti-white liberals seem very comfortable committing acts of violence and this puzzles me. Are they being paid and being told that no matter what they do, they will not see the inside of a prison cell? Just wondering.

  2. He needed an axe handle instead of a stick that broke after the first good whack on a commie