Thursday, March 30, 2017

You can't censor or kill an idea

Most of the major social media sites have been in a coordinated push to censor thought that they find "objectionable." Of course, "objectionable" means anything to the right of Mitt Romney. I have no doubt that they would also censor Donald Trump if he were not president.

Of course, long term, this censorship will fail. You really can't censor or kill an idea. Yeah, you can shut down one person, but if the idea has merit, five more people will take his place.

What exactly is allowed is vague and changes by the day. But pretty much any right wing or conservative commentary concerning race, immigration or terrorism will be silenced.

However, satire will be hard for these mega corporations to censor. Because the Left has become so crazy it is often hard to determine if it is real or a parody.

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