Monday, April 17, 2017

Is it always wrong to hit a girl?

Is it wrong for a man to hit a girl? Well, the traditional answer was always "yes." But in traditional times, women did not fight in the military or join street brawls.

We are lectured that women are just as strong and capable as men. It was just "sexism" and the "patriarchy" that prevented women from serving as police officer or soldiers. But now we know that men and women are exactly the same. Gender is a social construct.

This message is emphasized in the media and in politics. Tiny and cute girls in the movies are able to easily defeat strong men with their karate skills. We praise our brave women in the military as capable and fierce fighters.

But then this all falls apart with one punch. It is like collectively we all know that this ideology of equality is bullshit, and that women and girls are weaker and need to be protected by men.

But if equality is bullshit, that destroys the fundamental premise of Cultural Marxism.


  1. Good for him! It is nice to know there are still heroes out there. Some of the most rotten human specimens I have ever met have been females. And if one of these cretins put her hands on me I would knock her on her ass. I wouldn't care if she had 6 tits and 3 pussies; you know the ones President Trump was referring to in that recording.

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  4. Can't help but notice she's not wearing a ski mask like the rest of the ANIFA crew always wears. She wanted everyone to see she was female so they would be hesitant to fight back. Usually the ANIFA people are very careful not to allow their masks to be removed. She wanted the Trump supporters to know she her gender for a reason.