Friday, April 14, 2017

What is European Zionism?

"White Nationalism" will not work in most countries, as it is far too late to change the demographics. Yeah, we were fooled and lied to concerning the 1965 Immigration Act. America went from being a 90% White country in 1965  to 62% White in 2016. Whites are expected to be a minority in America by 2043.

I think those numbers are conservative. But no matter the exact date, eventually America will not be a White majority country. Enforcing the border many give us a few years longer, but no more.

Many Leftists celebrate America, and Europe, no longer being White. They openly say Whites are evil and eliminating the White population is desirable.

I see our only solution is to follow the Jewish model of establishing a homeland for our people. I believe many people of European ancestry would support such an option.


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  2. Paul, I appreciate the sentiment, but your suggestion of some kind of "European Zionism" is not a workable solution.

    The first problem is one of scale. To provide a homeland for Jews (12-15 million worldwide), it was “necessary” to utilize essentially all of Palestine. To provide the same kind of homeland for Whites (1.3 Billion worldwide) would require a land mass 1000 times larger than Palestine…in other words it would require the entire continent of Europe! If we have the means and the will to reclaim all of Europe, then keeping North America and Australia should not be much of a stretch.

    The second big problem with this suggestion is that it ignores one of the fundamental differences between Jewry and Whites. Whites have evolved their culture around living in homogenous groups and will avoid living among aliens whenever this is possible (White flight is one manifestation of this). Jews on the other hand have developed their culture around living as a minority. Jews seek out opportunities to engage in economic parasitism which are to be found when living as a minority among an alien majority.

    While the notion of a homeland as a “safety valve” and a place to flee to if needed might be very appealing to Jews, it would not be particularly useful to Whites as Whites don’t want to live among an alien majority to begin with.

    But perhaps the most important problem with this concept of a White homeland is that presumes that globalism and multiculturalism are natural and inevitable when they are NOT. The problem that a White homeland would seek to resolve need not exist at all. Why should we Whites (1.3 Billion) give up any lands to multiculturalism so as to make these lands more suitable for Jews (12-15 million)? Not that I’m advocating it, but it would be far simpler, easier and more economical to simply eliminate the 12-15 million Jews than it would be rearrange the living arrangements of 1.3 Billion Whites.


  3. Bob. Super aggressive. Now is not the time for those types of comments. Please issue an addendum saying you were drunk at the time of that post.

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